Good Freeze pedalboard

Hi, as I’ve never been satisfied with the proposals for “freeze” plugins in the store, here is a pedalboard that takes advantage of the “replace” option of Hannes Braun’s Galactic reverb. The result is much better, it holds all the chords and intervals. Rise time, fall time and configurable parameters, a lot of flexibility… Footswitch C = multibutton, short press active plugin, long press momentary . Enjoy.


Sounds quite interesting :slight_smile: Nicely played too :wink:
I might steal it for some freeze things

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I can imagine playing a chord or a note with an expression pedal pressed to toe position to keep it going and the heel position to diminish it. Playing a new note and quickly going to toe to play a new one and by this, throwing a chord or note under what you are playing

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I stole the @zwabo and @Rom freeze pedalboard in order to make an hybrid.
I tryed to replicate the “layer” function of “freeze” and “plus” pedal holding the multiswitch when a drone is playing… is not perfect but is intresting also for dissolving smothly the drone.

hope you’ll enjoy.


Nice ! Thanks

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thank to you! You saved me a lots of time with your solution!


Incredible pedalboard, i have put the calf flanger after the reverb and the sound is galactic -moving the presets with the knob in dwarf i pass a nice time hehe-


Thank you for this! It works great. I love that when you are holding something with a short press, you can short press twice quickly and layer the sounds.