COZMIC asynchronous delay lines

HI, If anyone is interested: modgui added.
COZMIC inspired by Soma Labs Cosmos


Hi, is this going to be pushed to the beta section of the plugin store or do I need to do something with Console to get it into the plugin section of my Dwarf? Looking forward to trying it—

See the post for the ExpressionRamper as Jacube explains how to get into the Dwarf to drop these plugins in.

I followed his directions and was up and running in minutes.

It worked for all of Zwabos amazing plugins too

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And on a Mac terminal if you’re OSX :

  scp -rp <path to zwabo-cozmic.lv2> root@

• Enter password “mod”
• Reboot Mod Dwarf

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A very good plugin! Thank you. :wave:
Are the different firmware versions planned?
Is a duox version also planned?

The audio converters and the op-amps are recommended.

It uses top-class Cirrus Logic audio converters and Burr-Brown’s famous
operational amplifiers that are highly regarded in the audiophile community.

Thanks Khz,
Another firmware would be another plugin, so…who knows.
Possibly available for duox if MOD helps me to push it to Beta.

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