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He fellow MOD users, Sebastian here from AIDA DSP.

As you might have seen our amp model player is available in the mod store and as a plugin for all major platforms. This thread will be the new hub for all info regarding the plugin, training and new official models.

So what next you might ask ?

For starters all the models we trained can be download on our website AIDA-X | Take your amps anywhere. We have a few more at our disposal and will release them over the coming weeks.

We know that AIDA-X will interest new users. But this will take a little time and eventual as it grows we have a lot more available in the model section.

If you have your own amp its an easy process to train and use them.
Just follow the instructions in @itskais video and you are good to go.

We also plan of releasing a collection of our own amps as paid plugins on the mod store. These models will have one ore two parameters of the real amps available. That means you can fiddle with the gain knob like on a real amp. These will provide more value both in UI and sound available. These use the same technology that is available on AIDA-X but are an easy way to support future development.

Massimo and I are proud that what has started as a passion project can now be used by everyone. Either on MOD devices, in your DAW or even on the WEB.

A lot of thanks to the whole MOD Team for testing , promoting. Especially @falkTX who provided the desktop plugin and help with bugfixing. And to Kais who provided the training script and the great video.

If you have any suggestions, feedback, amp request just let us know.


Brilliant! Have you got any bass rigs in there?


not yet but I have the terror bass on my list for next week.

and that for the weekend after that:

Let me know what you would need.


I’ve always fancied a tech21 sansamp . . .


Hi i wanted to do a simple pedalboard with AidaX preset list as an amp list, that i can quickly go through with a knob, when for example giving it to a friend to try.
I picked up my favourite models, and saved them as different presets in plugin.

So for example Fender Tweed - tweed40cleanblabla.json loads, Marshall JMP - JMPlowinput.json loads.

It works for a bit but when i adjust output to match with other amps, and i save preset, and then go for another one, the models stays on the old one, and actually breaks saved preset so it does’t have an specific .json file attached before to it. It then just grabs whatever was loaded before, not the .json file i originally saved it with.
It happens both with using knobs on Dwarf, an in the webgui.
I think some further steps would be required to find the cause.

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I just stumbled upon AIDAX when researching DSPs, I’m a bit confused. I don’t own a Mod device. I downloaded the 6 freebie models from the site, but I’m not seeing where I can find more. I see there’s a bunch of commercial plugins for purchase however it seems those are just for the hardware devices? How can I get these for the desktop app version of AIDAX?

Here you go:

I’ve noticed that disabling the AIDA-X plugin in the latest build cuts the audio rather than bypassing the plugin. I’m assuming this wasn’t intended?

I’ve worked around it by adding a channel switch to bypass instead for now. Where’s best to raise this?


Hi, thanks for reaching out!
I´m impressed -
I beg for Sunn Amps (S and T) - Simulations …it will spill fans from Fractal Audio to MOD, I´m sure - as they´re lackin Sunn Amps totally.

…aside from that, maybe you guys offerin us some price-reduction for a set of sims soon?`


I don’t have a Sunn amp but do have an EAE Model Fet which is about as close to the real Model T as you can get in pedal form.

It’s out of action following a power surge but once it’s repaired I’ll get lots of models!


I have a Burning Sunn from Ground FX - which is in the ballpark I think.
Just have to learn some doom riffs to compare it to other sounds and if it sounds good I make a model out of it with the separate channels.

We won’t be offering models of amp sims.
We might release a new training where it would be easier to capture these - but not in the near future.


They sound monstrous from demos! I was watching a shoutout of Model T emulations, the Exegol one sounded great too.

Same here. Glad you posted about this because I probably would have gone mad trying to figure out why my pedalboard had no sound! Hopefully this gets fixed ASAP!

Edit: It’s fixed! Thank you!


yeah this can sound pretty massif:


For Bass -
everything clean and gritty Amps please:
Hi-Watt 200, Ampeg Portaflex, Darkglass Amps, MesaBoogie, Ampeg SVT


new Update for the JCVM Plugin

Marshall JCM 900 SLX


Hey @spunktsch!
Any news on a Portaflex model?

Hey @spunktsch,
how about you´d care to build at least one linear Amp Sim Model -
as needed for all electric Organs and Pianos Hammonds/Rhodes back in the days?

This Amps were and are LINEAR, lots of HEADROOM,
clearly no Guitar or Bass Amps, so.
Thinking, many of us out there would be interested in getting some Sims for our Synth-Equipment.
For Instance:

  • Roland Jazz120
  • Hiwatt 200
  • Hammond B, C
  • Wurlizer Amps…
  • MesaBoogie 400
  • VOX V.8

hope to read from you again soon

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You know that someone would need to actually have access to such an amp?

Nice list though. Hope someone (without pointing out some specific one and claiming they don’t care) will be able to.

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If we are talking really linear amps, I think an IR will likely work better than the machine learning.

Have you tried the Twin Classic? It has A LOT of headroom :slight_smile:

I am also looking for a Roland JC120 sound, btw