FileNotFoundError while training the model

@spunktsch ok great thank you !! i will wait for the next major update ! it will probably be better and more accurate and ease of use!! thank you for your time!! for the moment i cant get any good results with the amp and cab setup! trying only amp !

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@spunktsch . Just an update ! Did everything! Wave marching . Around -6 db for the input and target ! Did only the amp capture and not the amp and can. Better result but still nowhere close !! Anyway i think that for the moment it has trouble with high gain amps . ! 0 late’cy between the input and the target ! No worries though i’m sure that this will be something killer soon gives me time to buy the mod dwarf;)!.
Just wanted to keep you up to date thank you for your help!

yeah - it definitely needs work on the high gain stuff when using software. Had less issues on the JCM900 SL-X at my studio. Do you mind to share what you used?
I’d like to look into to it and see whats causing the issue.

@spunktsch i dont mind at all just not home at the moment ? Would you like the input target and json file?

sure, that also works.


hope this works!

There is a lot of help requests for this “FileNotFoundError”. Could it be possible to update the ypnb to assign the correct name to the folder?


I must say that at this point it is to dificult for me to use Aida X Model Trainer, it is made for programmer, not a average person. I’v spent small amount of time reamping and most time trying to go to the third step - still" [FileNotFoundError while training the model]

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my solution to this was to record a stereo track. Essentially re-recording input.wav along with the resultant audio. I split them afterward in Audacity (takes a few seconds). But this resolved my alignment issues and my ESR went from ~0.99 down to reasonable ranges (~0.001)

There’s a pedalboard link for how I recorded here: Modelling: best practices & conventions - #20 by malfunction54

@malfunction54 what kind of sound were you capturing ? clean , dirty , high gain? because the best result i could get was 0.2 with a high gain amp ! had the dame same volume and no latency. looking forward to the future of this though ! just hope it doesn’t eat up a montrous amount of dsp on the dwarf!

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So far, I’ve just done clean amp capture. I’ll be doing lightly driven and higher gain next. I’ll see if my technique holds up.

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@malfunction54 great !please if you don’t mind keepin us updated!

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Even then you have to use the “bugged” pynb to actually train a model, which is frustrating for non-tech persons to mess with the “-0” in the folder name, who is in charge of fixing that?

I am unsure of who is ultimately responsible for the cloud-based training app, but I think @spunktsch is somehow involved with the project. Is that correct?

yeah. It’s @madmaxwell and me. See here Aida DSP - AIDA-X

I’d also like to have a more accessible training with a dedicated frontend guiding you through the process.
But resources are pretty limited at the moment. We have our dayjobs and this became more of a passion project.


I am not fluent in colab stuff, but I noticed that in step 2

model_dir = f"/content/Automated-GuitarAmpModelling/Results/{file_name}_{config_file}-{skip_con}"

Where skip_con can be 0 or 1

While in step 3

model_dir = f"/content/Automated-GuitarAmpModelling/Results/{file_name}_{config_file}"

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thanks @Zavorra do you mind posting the issues to github?
So @itskais and @madmaxwell can track the bugs down.


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@spunktsch by any chance did you try the files i sent you?XD

i trained a clean sound from a Hot rod deville , that sounds exactly the same , woooww :exploding_head:

BUT , the problem now is that the trainer does not works FILE NOT FOUND ERROR ,
i don’t know much about code to fix this,
can you help us please

now im trying a dirty “clean” sound of the same amp, but i have a couple of weeks that i stoped to work on it because nobody of the Aida X team answers :man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2:

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