Your ambitions for 2024: musical, technical or personal

Hi guys,

I was very busy in Q4 of 2023 but starting from January, my bands get another reboot activity wise and some other stuff is behind me. I hope to write some more songs and most of all, score more gigs!
(both with the band and the singer/songwriter stuff). I also got some cover songs on my wishlist I’ll be finally be dealing with in 2024.

I can also pick up where I left and work on my “using the Dwarf for metal” article, check out new AIDA models and plugins and work on my rig to gig

Perhaps work a little on my piano skills on the side, who knows and I’m having my Explorer copy painted red :smiley: (red guitars, it’s a thing :p)

So what are you guys up to next year?


On my ‘fun’ list …
Practice, practice, practice bass (To go from 2/10 to 4/10)
Build a stonking gigging pedalboard for bass Bass->Dwarf->BP-800 (Amp with direct in to poweramp section)->C4 (Cab)
Get out and gig with my band (A duet at present)
Build my first LV2 plugin for the MOD ecosystem.
Have a play with MOD on a Pi 5 (Which arrived yesterday) + HiFiBerry Audio card. I played a bit with this kinda setup on a Pi 4 before I got my Dwarf, but the power of the Pi 5 is pulling me to try again!

Sam x


Some goals for me are to complete at least 1 LV2 plugin for MOD, and to do SOMETHING with the Control Chain dev boards that have been collecting dust.


Hi @LievenDV
I’m currently having one song after another professionally mixed. In 2024, I’m planning a YouTube and a SoundCloud Chanel. I’ve already got myself some video equipment. I’m curious to see how many followers I’ll get, which is an interesting question because I do a lot with the mandolin, and then also my own compositions and without covers, neither of which is very popular.
The nice thing about the project is that I don’t have to make a living from the music (compliments to all those who manage to do this! I really respect it when an artist can make a living from their art). I can therefore take a very relaxed approach.


Well for me like the rest of you got plenty planned. How many I complete is another matter but here goes.

Been going to a blues jam twice a month for past 6 months but still don’t know any of the songs. So maybe I should learn some blues standards and maybe even sing a few.

Start a new rock band, been out the loop too long and miss a bit of sex on fire or slipknot :wink:

Plod on with my ambient weird stuff with ableton. War on drugs meets massive attack and tangerine dream.

Need to work out how to use my EHX HOG2 other than it sounding like an organ.

And sift through my 80 pedals to make a modular 3 board set up to fit in with my helix. Thinking main board with whammy couple of drives, phaser chorus feeding into helix front end. With extra drive board going into mixer on main board. The out of helix loop in stereo into another mixer so I can drag synths in to Dwarf, microcosm, cdr70, m5 and then either into pc or out live.

Oh and maybe publish some touchosc templates that I have or offer to design them.

I think that should cover it for now.

If anybody wants to help in any of these feel free to jump in


Now I feel a lot more confident doing looping on the mod - in the next year I hope to go to many more open mics and perform.

Here is a tryout I recorded this week

In technical terms, I would like to try to write an lv2 “transposer” plugin which will count bars before sending cc commands to pitch shifting plugins like the whammy emulation - which I hope would allow doing stuff like 12 bar blues while only looping one bar!


Didn’t even think of that. I Could play the same solo on my blues night over and over again and just change the pitch with my whammy DT to keep me going all night :joy: