Changing guitar cab for PA/FRFR speaker

Hi guys,
I could use some help building my list with options and pro/con arguments

I’m considering a PA or FRFR speaker to replace my classic 212 guitar cabinet.

Since the start of my Dwarf era I’m convinced digital is the way for me and since AIDA-X the pro arguments outweigh my cons 5 to 1.

I already downsized my amp to a pedal sized amp and now I’m looking to replace my amp + passive cab with an advice speaker ¶ speaker.

I want to take full advantage of digital amps + cab IR’s and use a multifunctional setup for both metal and my solo guitar+vocal gig. The Dwarf has all that, all it needs is flat amplification and a speaker to let it be heard :wink:

such an active speaker could both act as cab at rehearsal (or small venue) or as monitor where helpful

I would prefer 2 inputs

… as the unit can also be used for other small party use or in a acoustic setup where somebody can fiddle with volume of guitar and vocal separately without touching my Dwarf :wink:
It’s not a complete showstopper though.

budget €400 - €600 ish

Size: was hoping to go for 10" or 12"

Being able to be audible as rhythm guitarist in a heavy rock/ Heavy Metal band is the plan. no need for boosted solo’s etc though. I’m hoping to stay away from buying a pair; one single speaker would be nice.

brand/types I’m considering
15" seems over the top for me
rather weighing 15 à 16kg than 20kg is a plus. smaller size versus bigger size is also neat.
Remember, I’m not PA’in a full band, I’m replacing my cab

  • Alto (Cheap multi use units)
  • Headrush 112 (same producer as Alto)
  • RCF (a bit more expensive, a bit better I believe but only one input. that negates the optino to also use it as extra vocal innput in the rehearsal room, where it’s sometimes hard to hear myself without feedback))
  • db technologies

I’ve did a bit of research on past topics here; read some helpful testimonials by regulars like @unbracketed etc.

*** Any of you guys using a PA/FRFR speaker in live situations instead of a classic guitar cab?**
*** Which option do YOU think I should consider?**
*** Any good/bad experiences or well voiced arguments concerning my current list of brand/options?**


I have the HeadRush 112FRFR. I love it. I almost got the 8" version, but the guitar shop folks convinced me to go with the 12" since I’d also be using it for bass guitar. I’m glad I got the 112. I have not used it as a monitor, yet, but I’m sure it would fit that use very well. And I was also considering using it for a PA speaker, hopefully for a house concert. We have also used it for karaoke at home, and the FRFR nature comes in handy for the theremin and synth (Cardinal on Linux, or the Dexed plugin on the Dwarf) use.


I want test FENDER Tone Master FR-12. Looks quite interesting.

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I’m happy with my Headrush 108’s. I now have three of them, and use them for cab substitute, monitors or PA in different settings. Very versatile with signal through. Never tried the 112, but there is enough bass in the 108 for a midrange instrument like guitar in my opinion.

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I’ve got this one

Works fine. I’m not using the integrated IR. You might want to add a high pass filter on some of your pedalboards (on the guitar path) to avoid a low frequency rumble that I could not hear on my previous PA (which was kind of cutting the very low bass), as this one would play whatever you throw at it, thanks to the 12" speaker (which is exactly the purpose of an FRFR), which also means that it can also handle your bass.

We once used it with a guitar, a bass and a midi drumpad all pluggin in the Dwarf (using a drum synth plugin), and a mike direct into the cab for a small footprint gig where we couldn’t set a full PA for the band. Worked very well. That setup could probably have included a midi keyboard too plugged into the Drawf and I think the sound would still have been perfectly fine.

Perfect in band rehearsal. This little beast can spit out A LOT of power if you turn the volume up !

I’m thinking of getting a second one at some point for stereo.

There is a review/test of it on EytschPi42’s channel


Thanks for your input guys.

The Harley Benton was a contender as well

Just ordered the Alto ts 410 and it should arrive on Monday.
Hope yo use it on rehearsal already the day after.

The 2 combo inputs and its similarity to the HeadRush models makes me want ot give them a go, with the 10" size woofer right in between the 8 and 12 option they offer.


Late to this party, but I went the same route for many reasons, and selected the Mackie Thump212 1,400-watt 12-inch Powered Speaker. My main reason for buying these was that my JBL speakers weighed 48 pounds and the Mackies weigh about half of that.