Wish: tuner features

I’ll have to reput my old TU2 on my pedalboard because finally, I can’t really use MOD DUO’s tuner.
The most annoying is that it seems to have no (or too low) threshold for detection.
Tuner is good enough at home or between songs, but it’s quite hard to tune my guitar while other guys are playing around, even with my electric guitar. With my acoustic strings instrument, it becomes impossible, too much notes are detected.

Another annoying (less) thing, is that the same button is used to trig tuner and switch between input 1 and 2.
Would it be possible to purpose only physically connected inputs ? In case of stage, it’s really better to disable unusable things.

Why Tuner mutes output and not input ? If it were muting input, we could trig tuner faster when using long reverbs or delays.

finally, I won’t use it personnaly, but I think that an alterable pitch reference (440Hz) would not be to much for a lot of musicians.

Cheers !


+1 for adjusting reference tone

Muting input seems to be the logical choice, but i guess there will be a reason why it was solved the other way.

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On the subject, I expect the development of a polyphonic tuning system.

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i want to reiterate being able to change the tuner relative pitch, its something i really need or wish i could edit. one of those things i feel i should have access to access but i dont. lot of features on mod in general feel like trying to edit behave like mac os where i wish it was way more free range accessible like reaper


Maybe a bit late, but I would also certainly appreciate an alterable pitch reference (440Hz). As a bass player I play with orchestras every now and again, and this is the only pedal I probably need in the future if I can get it to cater all my needs. But I need to be able to tune to 442Hz to match the other instruments that are occasionally/often not tunable (like melodic percussion).