Weird snapshot behaviour in standalone mode

Hi people at Mod team,

I have a little problem with my Dwarf in standalone mode which is a pain in live situation:

When I want to recall a snapshot of a PB which is on top of the list in a bank, it sends me back to the PB list (it doesn’t seem to happen with the ALL PEDALBOARDS selection). From the second PB of the list, no problem.

Any idee?

Don’t know if I’m clear, let me know if you want a video showing this problem.

Yet another little problem saving snapshots:

if I understood the procedure correctly:

Menu → save → snapsh → clear → “rename” → save → confirm

and then:

Menu-> save → save PB :

  • If I save the PB keeping the same name, the new snapshot is not saved.

  • If I save the PB with another name, it is saved outside the bank and I have to select my bank and select ADD PB TO BANK to include this new PB in my bank which is not very effective in a live context.

Am I doing something wrong ? is there a workaround?

Other than that, it’s a fantastic machine, thanks for your work !



Altough I think I got it, If you could make a video, it would help to better understand, indeed and to be sure that we got it right.

I guess this shouldn’t happen. When you save the pedalboard (not “save as”) you should be able to keep the name and save the new snapshot or whatever you changed in the pedalboard. Are you using the “save” button?

EDIT: I edited your post to remove the serial number. It’s not safe to share the serial numbers of the devices publicly. If you feel like you need to to it, please do it always on a DM or write to

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Hi Joao,
As I told you my “jump out” problem is gone since the last release but:
During rehearsals and sound checks I always need to change some parameters and I still have problem to save changes on the Dwarf without the use of a PC or web browser.

  • First of all, if I save a snapshot with a new name in a PB1 and then save the PB1, It keeps it as long as I play with the PB1, if I switch to a PB2 and back to PB1 the new snapshot is lost.

  • if I modify existing snapshots in PB1, it’s the same, it keeps the changes as long as I play with PB1, if I move to another PB and go back to the PB 1, everything is lost.

  • The “not so quick” workaround is to save the PB with another name BUT , it writes it outside the

the current Bank and becomes visible in the ALL PEDALBOARDS list, then I can’t find a way to put it back in the previous Bank.

I read on the forum since v1.11.0-RC1: “For banks management you can import all the pedalboards from another bank or individually.” No problem importing all the pedalboards from another bank but individually, no way…

Anybody with the same issue ?



Hello @zwabo,

Thanks for reporting that.

I’m honest with you, I never really used much the save of snapshots in the device. What I know is that when you save a snapshot on the WebGUI, you will need to save the pedalboard as well (before you leave it), otherwise the snapshots that you saved will be lost. Are you also saving the pedalboard?

(I will really ask you this question without double-checking) Can’t you only save the pedalboard and not “save as”?

Not really. But we will investigate if you keep having it.

Snapshots are important to me because depending on where you’re playing and in agreement with the sound engineer you have to change effect parameters and it has to be able to be done quickly and saved. So:

  • Yes, like I do on the WebGui but on Dwarf: I save first the snapshot, then the pedalboard.
  • I don’t see any “save as” function on the Dwarf, only “save”. If I save with the same name , the screen show me: “Are you shure you want to overwrite the current pedalboard?” and a “confirm” or a “cancel” option. If I save with another name, it creates another pedalboard outside the current Bank, visible in the ALL Pedalboards list.

About my Bank problem, ok, I just understood that I was doing something wrong, but I find the procedure to add a PB to a Bank too complicated (too many steps, 9!) for a live use :

  • Bank
  • scroll to bank
  • Enter
  • Scroll to " Add PB to Bank"
  • Select
  • Scroll back to “All Pedalboard” (that’s the step i was missing so far…)
  • Enter
  • Select
  • Add

Suggestion to simplify it:

An " ADD TO" option :

  • ADD TO
  • Select the bank

Et voilà…

Let me know if you want me to add a new topic about that in the “feature requests”?

Best regards

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i did it on the main place, so no need :wink:

Regarding the rest we will try it out.

Cannot post any new topic currently and this is strong post is strong related to my case i will post here.

I am not able to save Snapshots on my Dwarf on the device. I don’t use the WebGUI for that it doesn’t make any sense for my usecase to hook it up on my mac. So when i save a new snapshot and give it a new name it will be saved as long as the device is running. If i power it up again the device lost the saved snapshot. I am currently running the recent firmware.


snapshots are temporary until the pedalboard itself is saved.


I find it helpful to conceptualize a snapshot as a “child” of a pedalboard. Not sure if that is helpful for anyone else.

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And since @Jan_S isn’t using the web interface, a friendly reminder that not only do you save the pedalboard to save the snapshot, you can indeed save the pedalboard directly on the device without the GUI—it’s right there on the first page of the settings menu.


Thanks for the hint and i know i can save the pedalboard on the device :wink:

What i won’t get as an UX Expert is that i need to save twice :wink: But i am fine with knowing it now.


agreed. I came to the realization the hard way: by losing snapshots I swore I saved and repeatedly trying different things