Ways to get feedback from the community for improvement and promotion of plugins

We still didn’t kick off that side of things, but we have plans to do involve more the community in this sort of tasks.
That’s why we asked specific topics about that in the community/opt in survey back in October or November.

…all of these have actually been included there and are among our plans.

We already kicked off the first part of these community efforts. Basically the part that we see that may work as sort of umbrella for all the others (related with organization, communication, etc.). We felt that this would be the best to start so we wouldn’t get there when everything was already quite messy and instead of planning and having things organized from start we would be asking for a sort of cleaning work, which can be way more annoying and maybe would get less engage.

News on these particular topics that you pointed should be open soon.
Thank you for pointing things out regardless :slightly_smiling_face:


Thats good to hear, @jon, and I look very much forward to hearing how you approach this! Especially interesting (from my POV) is whether you include the community in the development of the process and what your “definitions of done” look like.


You are pointing a few questions (and I guess you have more) that we also have no answer. Or better…we have tons of answers and it gets quite a waste of time going back and forward with them. That’s exactly why we are kicking things in phases. The definition of “done” is a good one.
In my opinion, it should exist a definition of “shippable” and not really a “done” one. So this gives room to any user that finds a typo, that has a different and good use case to show everyone or that finds a bug to still jump in and propose a fix/update or fix/update that. But again, that’s my opinion and here I just want to be another member of the community with opinions. Overall I believe that the opinion that is more welcome by the community at a specific time and in a specific case should be the used one. If most of the community members decide in a certain way I’m pretty sure that that’s the best way for things to work among the full community and get the best results.


I agree with everything you said. Especially, “shippable” is a solid goal! :+1: Would that – in your opinion – put a plugin in the “stable” category or would it be “beta”?

Anyway… apologies for hijacking this thread and giving unsolicited advice. I’ll stop after this message (promised) but perhaps consider making the goals/targets SMART and ask the forum whether they think the processeses are useful. Then follow them.


I believe in the “stable” one. If a plugin is “shippable” it means that all the required parts (like documentation, testing, GUI, etc) are in place. If a plugin is in beta should be because a part of them is not yet there.

No worries :slight_smile: It’s a healthy discussion.
For the sake of keeping it - and doing it in its own place - I will create a new thread.

No need for that…Please keep it coming