Volume meters on device

I know this is probably a complex thing to implement, but here it is.

I would love it if on my Mod Duo X I could replace the two endless controller settings screen real estate with level meters from plug-ins in various points in my plug-in chains.

This can be done with the GUI of course, but when playing live, it would be super awesome to have those two spots at the top of the pages for metering.


Interesting idea!

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A plugin could be created to give you level meters at any point in the chain.


This would be cool


I think @S_Righteous means in the displays of the Duo, am I correct here?

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Yup, there is already a plug-in which gives you a level meter. I often use a few of them when ‘building’ pedalboards. However I would love something to keep an eye on stuff when ‘using’ pedalboards - because I love using delay feedback, filters and lots of stuff which can get out of control.

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He said Duo X which does support HMI for plugins.