VeJa - Red Apple

Hi Everyone,

I’m proud to announce a new premium VeJa Plugin, called the Red Apple

The Red Apple is an amplifier inspired by the Orange sound of the seventies. Rather than taking a single amplifier as a reference, the Red Apple takes inspiration from multiple amplifiers released in this era; this makes it a real workhorse amp that can cover a wide range of sounds with only a few knobs.

The bass and treble controls offer tone control and are placed in between the tube stages as with the real amplifiers. This unique design allows the player to really shape the distortion to their taste.
The presence knob allows for adjusting the high-mid frequencies. In the original amplifiers, this was a control with fixed positions but in the Red Apple, it has been made continuous.

It comes with a small selection of presets made by the VeJa team.
At this moment there are no sound demos available, but we are working on getting those out soon!

Comments and feedback are more than welcome.



Can’t wait to try it out!


However, one can never really compare apples to oranges.

Hehe, great writing in the description


If the sound is as good as the looks, it will make a fantastic addtion to the plugin selection!


Sounds great! Only issue is that I’m unable to add it to my cart. I am on firmware 1.12 and am in the US. I can add some plugins, but not others (WOV is currently in my cart).


Hi @malfunction54, I can see your order with status “payment pending” on our back end. Therefore the license has not been granted automatically, the issue seems to be on the payment front. Can you confirm everything was authorized and confirmed on your side? Please DM me to follow up.


my issue appears to have been a caching issue on the web UI end of things. I reloaded the UI and now the “add to cart” button appears for the Red Apple.

Thanks for reaching out @friedsilence !


welcome @malfunction54, sorry for inconvenience. The order stuck on payment I mentioned above was another one, but it’s now completetd without any action on our side. The Sofort Bank payment option was used there for the 1st time, it appears that the authorization takes 1 day, even though the name suggests otherwise. We might disable it to ensure instant license granting after purchase.

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It looks cool! Looking forward to the first test!


Wow, I tried it and I really like it!
Especially the behaviour of the clean preset combined with other distortion or fuzz pedal in front of the Amp! Thanks, for the very good work.


Same for me. It is cool! For me personally especially for clean or slightly crunched sounds.

@friedsilence I think the order stucks for my purchased as well. I also payed with “Sofort”. Can you please check? It is still beta-ing after I purchased it. On the shop-site it is still marked as “Trial” but not in my personal list of plugins.

…by the way: It feels really cool that the cloud and the shop are back again :grinning:


I have noticed that one of my purchased plugins still shows up as “trial” in the web UI, but since there is no periodic audio dropout, I’m not too concerned about it. I’m assuming this is also a caching issue.

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Fantastic Amp! It had become my favourite one inside MOD. Great job!

In my case, it allowed me to remove some other distortion pedals in front of the amp… just the Chow Centaur at the moment.

Now I only need a fenderish twiny VeJa amp :wink:

As a side note, I bought the plug-in and there is no more periodic silence, but I got a pop-up warning in the web-ui every time, saying License not downloaded please reload interface, which I don’t know what it means. Reload web or reboot MOD makes no difference…


+1 for Fender Amp!


We actually have one in early development, something to watch for in the new year :slight_smile:


I love love love this!
I narrowly missed the chance to buy an old Orange amp when I was a student and have always regretted it. I bought one later in life but it didn’t sound as good (or maybe my memory was rose tinted) so I got rid of it.
This seems much more like the one I originally fell in love with.


Hi Guys,

while I love the clean sound of red apple I’ve noticed one issue. I use only clean sound, no overdrive, while the sound sustain there is a lot digital artefacts/hum in the back ground. This is not usual hum that is always noticable while playing, but a artificial distortion - not of the played sound but as a background. I ve tested it on 3 different guitars, and compared with GXsupersonic and it does not occure with supersonic. I use DuoX.


Thanks for the report!
I just checked some things myself and I believe I hear what you mean.
I did a small fix for it just now that should reach the mod store soon :slight_smile:

edit: it should be available now


Hi Jan,

Considering that with the plug-in presets assigned to a button, it is still not possible to change the order of presets or assign only some. I think the volume of the preset “southern drive” is too low compared with the previous one, don’t you think?

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yes currently that’s the case, and I believe there are also some other related feature requests on assignment of presets on the forum. However, this is not something the plugin can solve and needs to be tackled on a firmware level.

Just checked this again and feel the same. Actually compared to the preset before only the tone controls change, so the volume should stay the same. I’ll make sure to change this!