Use pedalboards in pedalboards

i was missing a feature in the SooperLooper 2x2 plugin and configured a workaround (see post). there’s now a handfull of plugins that act as a unit to get the looper panning like i want to have it.

i will probably want to use that in other pedalboards, and it would be cumbersome to recreate it, and if i make improvements to remember which other pedalboards need them, too. so i was thinking, would it be possible to make pedalboards act like a plugin in other pedalboards? maybe with an overlay configuratio that only affects the host plugin, but if you make changes to the guest plugin they would of course have global effect?


This idea appears in different threads from time to time quite regularly, somebody called it pedalboard blocks, I called it subpedalboards once, but looks like you bump into this idea earlier or sooner when you find out that you need to recreate the same pedalboard design patterns again and again. Hope it would happen one day.


And also it could be a Sub-set of a pedalboard. Just an example… I use an external expression pedal (via Chocolate) with a volume (or gain) pluin, plus 2 CV plugins to adat the signal or the verse of the pedal. I’d like to import this subset “as it is” of the pedalboard in the other ones (new or old).

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