[unresolved] 2 cases: Device bricked after update from web

Fully agreed.
I remember brickng a phone once, but I was playing with flashing modified OS on my own. Here it’s really just the official process.
In my case I wonder if it’s not due to updating from an unexpectedly old version (probably two years ago), and this was not taken in account.

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I don’t know if it could be related, but today I have not been able to upgrade the convolution reverb UNTIL I DISCONNECTED ALL INPUTS from the mod dwarf

I noticed that the plugin upgrade process halted also the ssh connection, which suggests a 100%CPU (in terms of os scheduling, not of jack xruns)

After disconnecting both inputs it ended successly

Maybe update processes should be faced only with an “empty” pedalboard running?

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For all the updates I have done before, this was never an issue though.
For this one, I surely had the in&out plugged in, but I tried the recovery stuff with just the power.

Man, I still haven’t heard anything from them yet. Very frustrating and annoyed as I can’t use the pedal now.

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Yes I share your pain.
A bit after my device got bricked, I purchased a Dwarf. It’s on its way today, support takes more time (still had no acknowledgment for my mail to support), but that makes sense to prioritize receiving money.
However, I wish there were some official announcement for caution on the update for LE devices…

Hmm it’s been over a week now than my device is bricked by just trying to upgrade, and I reached support for help and guidance. But no feedback…
I know there was an exhibit last weekend and it probably took resources, and today is a national day off for Germany, so I hope for some news next week.


What if they don’t have the solutions to our problem?

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Another thread mentioned a similar problem, the person sent them his unit, and he’s waiting on some feedback, but he told them it was not urgent. So I hope they can find a working solution based on that unit.
In my case I ordered a dwarf to have something to play on, but I still wish they could repair it, especially as it was a routine update.
More generally speaking it’s now 3 units with the problem. I guess testing the firmware update on old models is tricky.

I was reading this post on the mod duo LE, and it makes more and more sense that this specific device is tricky to support, hence the bricking maybe, still surprise by the no feedback from support though.
At the end of the post is mentioned an offer for the production ModDuo at 50% of the price as long as it is still in production.

I must admit I am a bit surprise with having no news from support over a bricked device due to a regular update…
As I just bought a dwarf I am less in needs for the ModDuoX, but still.


I’ll be honest and say that I am also surprised about the response to your issue.

I’m terribly sorry about all of this. The forum used to be pretty busy, but these days its pretty quiet.

MOD used to have direct support here, and a few people who would be getting everything moving and resolved quickly. Unfortunately, due to the financial death knell a while back, the awesome people that would curate the customer experience for MOD, were kinda let go until the health of the company improves.

Down the road, dedicated help may be offered again.

All I can do, is hope that your issue gets the attention it deserves, and offer my condolences for the frustrating situation.