TRS to MIDI pinout


Do you know what is the correct pinout to make a DYI TRS 3.5mm to DIN5 /male/ adapter ?

Thank you !

Have a look here:

Dwarf is compatible with what is now considered the “standard” aka Type A

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Thank you !

I don’t seem to be able to start a new topic, probably haven’t built up enough posts yet or something?

Anyway, just wanted to warn Dwarf users to be careful with their midi ports, managed to pop one of mine off the circuit board last night by knocking the midi dongle.

I also don’t seem to be able to post photos or links to photos to show you what happened.

And yes I have emailed Mod support, just wanted to get the word out to other Dwarf users :slight_smile:

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Yes, that was exactly the reason. Anyway, I manually raised your trust levels and now you should be able to do it :wink:

Hmm that is really weird and the first time that we listen to such a report. We will get back to you on support ASAP. We are a bit behind on that.

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OK, thanks Jon. I’ll look forward to your response.


Brief update, it’s all sorted now and working as it should.

I found a local electronics repair business who work on both domestic and commercial electronics who’ve repaired it for me.

Two of three pads just needed resoldering but I’d managed to rip the third from the board and that needed a small jumper soldering in.

Anyway it only cost £35 to repair so not too bad and lesson learnt about handling things with more care in the future.


Thank you so much for reporting back.

Not that bad and…yeah…although the MOD Dwarf is a sturdy device, there are a few points (like on any electronics) that require a bit more careful. I talk especially about connectors, encoders, displays, etc. meaning: be careful to not step or hit with cables connected to device dangerously close to the connection, handle the pots as they are meant to be handled (if users start using the encoders as footswitches as suggested on a thread some time ago, it may be a perfect recipe to get them broken…this was also reported on the MOD Duo…the point is, the clickable encoders are clickable, but not with full body weight as you would do by stepping on them). The displays is obvious, pay attention to not drop liquids on it or basically throw a brick right there :sweat_smile:

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I’d just like to add to this thread for future searchers, be thorough in looking for type A cables/adapters. Avoid the super cheap stuff. In an effort to not spend a fortune on cables, I ordered the “Poyicot” adapters from Amazon. I spent a good hour wondering why I was unable to get any MIDI signal in or out of my Dwarf. I was convinced I just didn’t understand MIDI. On a whim, I checked the wiring of the adapters with a multimeter and the pins were not correctly wired for either Type A or Type B TRS MIDI cables.

TL;DR: Try to find confirmation either in reviews or product info that you are getting Type A devices :slight_smile: