So as you are aware quite a few of us are using TOUCHOSC in various forms.

The downside with the Dwarf is that it has to be via USB which sort of misses the benefit of a Tablet.

One of the downsides is that it requires a bridge program to push the midi to whatever is required.

So I reached out to Hexler and they got in touch pretty quick. They seem really friendly but we’re unable to really help too much but did point me in the direction of a Github page, here’s what they said…

While we don’t have a Linux binary for the TouchOSC Bridge, some time ago a user did reverse engineer it and replicate it for Linux using Python: GitHub - velolala/touchosc2midi: a (linux compatible) TouchOSC Midi Bridge written in python

This essentially replicates TouchOSC Bridge behavior so it can be used on a Linux system like the TouchOSC Bridge to receive MIDI messages from TouchOSC/TouchOSC Mk1.

That being said, getting this all working on such a device, “your mileage may vary” so to speak - in theory this should be viable but you also need to be able to access the operating system of the device, which may or may not be accessible… We would wager that you’d probably need to correspond with their developers or support department and this also depends on how “open” the device is.

That being said if you can access the Linux operating system and get all the necessary packages installed, you should be able to install the Github project linked above, which will give you TouchOSC Bridge-like behavior for Linux systems.

Hopefully this information was helpful!
As a reference, the online documentation for TouchOSC can be found here: Introduction · TouchOSC |
Please let us know if you have any other questions, and thank you for your use and support of TouchOSC!

I really hope this is of some use to the boffins on here. It would be a great bonus for the Dwarf.

Look forward to some ideas etc

Cheers for reading