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Titan Veja with sounding of the octave (bass range) with Powerchord

I bought this plugin but it seems to have a bug.
With the setting “Lead” the octave of the E-string sounds with a power chord on the E- and A-string.
If you play only the E string, the octave sounds as an artifact with interruptions.
When playing the whole power chord, the octave of the E string is almost dominant.
Please fix this in a foreseeable time or send the money back.
So the plugin is not usable for me.

How to reproduce

  1. listen the sample

Expected/suggested solution

repair or money back :slight_smile: .

Additional information

Open the controller menu (hold left knob down), navigate to Info > Versions and write down here the version.

  • release:

Also provide some information about your system if possible.

@Sharry as far as I see in your pedalboard you don’t have any cabinet emulation.
This is not really the ideal setup for using this plugin since it doesn’t come with built-in cabinet emulation. “Weird” harmonics are expected when you use plugins like this without a cabinet emultation.

Believe me it is the same problem with a cabinet. I noticed this effect with a purchased March1960 Cab
It was recorded with a Strat with passive PUs.

At first I thought it might be the built-in distortion pedals until I deleted the whole pedalboard in installments.
It would probably get me into a discussion about every plug-in here,
Therefore it was my intention to send you a PB only with one plugin.to show the issue.
Whether it is an ideal setup is not up for debate here.

What do you think about trying it yourself?
Why did I send you the PB? What else can I do now?

@Sharry, I use this plugin in one of my main pedalboards for a music project where I play and I recorded a couple of tracks using this plugin. So I guess I “already tried it myself”.

Now - to the problem - it’s not impossible that something went wrong for example with the latest OS update or any plugin update.

I’m sorry, not trying to sound bad, but it is. An amplifier head used without a cabinet is normal that doesn’t work nice (have you tried it in the real world?!)

We will try it on our side, but if you want us to evaluate the closing conditions to yours possible and in an application for what the plugin was developed for, you need to provide a pedalboard that respects those conditions. Otherwise you will get a quick answer like the one I gave you.

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I think I noticed something similar to @Sharry with the Veja Titan.
When playing high gain lead sounds and the strings buzz a little you get weird sounding artifacts.
I’ll think it has been discussed in some other thread but I’ll try to record something that sounds like the problem described.

Thanks for reporting that.
There was an aliasing issue reported on this thread.
Actually, that was really well-spotted @spunktsch. I first thought that the issue was solved with the wisdom files and following updates, but that is not clear from what I read in the thread.
I just checked the plugin and there’s not yet the oversampling switch there. I’m not sure what is the status, but I will just ping @Jan here to let us know

@spunktsch You’re probably referencing the topic about the aliasing issue which you can find by searching for “Veja Titan aliasing”.

MOD team: “MOD has amazing routing capabilities”. Also MOD team: “please run your patches exactly as you’re "supposed to" otherwise no customer service!”.

And regarding that “have you tried it in the real world?!” bit… Well, have you ever plugged an amps Line Out into your interface? It won’t produce what most players would conventionally describe as a pleasing tone, but I’m sure someone has recorded hit grunge or alternative song that way.

Cab sim in this context basically acts like a very complex EQ/filter, the vast majority of players will prefer to use them (and for a good reason) but the cab is by no means an integral part of the chain, especially in a digital environment.

P.S. @jon Is there an option to delete my forum account? I’ve stuck around long enough to lose some of my goodwill towards this whole MOD project and at this point, I’m mostly wasting time. Perhaps there’s some value in “warning” potential users who don’t know what they are getting into but I’d rather just make some music using tools I’m happy with instead.

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I’m sorry @Matt, I’m not really sure what are you tying to do here, but it was far from that what I wrote.

What I was trying to understand was the full scope of @Sharry’s issue and eventually a mistake. What I then pointed was a potential source for the issue - without yet testing it myself or having a test report from anyone in the team. As in the previous post where we talked I first try to offer a potential solution…kind of offer my brain to think (I know how sometimes helps having another brain and pair of eyes looking to a problem).

Exactly. I guess here you really touch on what I first thought - that the cab EQs may correct what @Sharry was pointing out.

I’m not sure. I will search for it. Meanwhile, you can always deactivate notifications if they bother you.

EDIT: I searched a bit and learned that you can’t, but I can deactivate it. Would you like me to do it?


I hope so.

It’s fine to be disappointed when your personal expectations aren’t met; but it’s another thing entirely, when that disappointment must be constantly expressed. Especially considering that they were vocal about leaving the mod platform and selling off the gear.

Normally I’d just keep my mouth shut, but the amount of negativity being expressed recently, I won’t be sad to see a reduction in members.

If I don’t want to participate (which I do), I have a fancy feature on my browser that can delete my history and saved passwords. Provided I don’t type a web address in the browser, I have the power to never see an offending website; and I certainly don’t have to log on, or engage with it again.

Just check your settings bro

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come on man. I know you had a bad experience and returned it - but how hard can it be to just move on.


I definitely stuck around for too long, and some unnecessary toxicity was included in some of my recent posts. That said, and not that you need to do it of course, but if you read my posts without projecting or the assumption of a ‘bad vibe’, you’ll probably find that most of them were, in fact, ‘ad rem’.

Please ignore my post in this topic for a moment:

  1. You get a user reporting a potentially big issue with a commercial plugin (other multi-FX boxes usually don’t have those, so if it’s a real issue it’s probably a big deal).
  2. A reply from Jon about the lack of the cab sim in the test patch, which, the pre+power amp simulation technically doesn’t need to function (subjectively sure, technically no). At this point though, and employing the principle of charity, this may be interpreted as a solid reply. Maybe the user doesn’t know that preamp + power amp sim doesn’t “sound good” without a cab/filter. Maybe he’s confusing ‘artifacts’ with ‘bad tone’.
  3. @Sharry in his reply, proves that he’s perfectly aware of what cabs are and how they work. He also gives solid reasoning on how he identified the issue by removing the parts of the effects chain, that could be potentially responsible, thus explaining why his test patch is so barebones, and includes pretty much only the necessary stuff. He points out, that in his view, he did everything he can, and asks what more can be done?
  4. And here we get the part that provoked me to post. We get the “So I guess I “already tried it myself”.” which I’ll ignore cause I may be projecting but this could potentially be a negatively charged reply (condescending to be precise, but again maybe I’m just projecting). We get this gem: “An amplifier head used without a cabinet is normal that doesn’t work nice (have you tried it in the real world?!)” - which as I already mentioned (and also explained in my ‘toxic post’) is really irrelevant to the subject at hand, and the “!?” bit was probably unnecessary. Lastly: “but if you want us to evaluate the closing conditions to yours possible and in an application for what the plugin was developed for, you need to provide a pedalboard that respects those conditions. Otherwise, you will get a quick answer like the one I gave you.” Which clearly doesn’t appreciate @Sharry’s reason for creating a minimalistic test patch.

I felt like those replies were unfair to the user reporting an issue, which made me write my reply. Especially because it’s not about a “free” lv2 plugin by some random dev. It’s about a commercial plugin, and since most of the other multi-FX boxes don’t have those, it may be a good idea, to justify the somewhat unique business model with adequate customer care, don’t you think?

I’m not a white knight of course, and yes it was also an opportunity to add some unnecessary toxic elements to my post, which makes me a bit of a dick I guess.

Anyway, this is my last post here, I left a trail of cautionary tales, that can maybe make some potential guitar-playing Dwarf buyers reevaluate if the device is right for them (which it may well be if its flexibility can trump the shortcomings, from a given user’s perspective).

I genuinely wish you all well. Go and make some great music! Have fun messing around with the Dwarf and other MOD boxes.



To be honest mate, I never had an issue with what you were presenting. In fact, a lot of your critiques are valid.

It’s more about presentation. We all have things that we work around with the platform, and there are a lot of things we want to see improved.

This is a small company. The fact that they crowdfund for their production gives a pretty good hint that the product isn’t going to be as polished as an established company. I haven’t seen Yamaha crowdfund before, they’re just different animals.

Anyway, best of luck to you, and hopefully the platform matures to suit your needs down the road.


@ Jon, now with Cab . Different but still unusable.
Of course the sound changes with a CAB (otherwise it would also be a bad investment).
The lower octave of the E- string still can be heard when playing the power chord. .

By the way, harmonics by definition always have a higher frequency than the base note.
I don’t know what style you play. I wanted a powerful, smacking metal sound, so I can’t use these artefacts.

Obviously, other users also have a problem with this plugin.
I think I have now invested enough to inform you about this bug!


Why this Question. I specified the version and state of OS in the bug report.
Empty Km in communication again.

@Matt and @Sharry, I’m really sorry if my answer led you to some bad/wrong interpretation.
I actually feel it more on your side @Matt than on @Sharry’s side. Indeed you are taking what I meant in the wrong way.

What I did consider here first was that @Sharry was assuming that the plugin had a built-in cabinet.
What I did after was basing on my own personal experience with this particular plugin - where I don’t feel this issue (but I may be wrong) - report that maybe the lack of cabinet could be the handicap and should not be unconsidered (on my usage I always load a cabinet for it).

I admit that this sentence may be written in a bit harsher tone. Yet, I didn’t understand that this was a test pedalboard from @Sharry. I assumed it was the actual pedalboard and nothing on his post pointed me to be a test pedalboard.

When @Sharry wrote this, I assumed (and maybe wrong) that it was unavailability to test/troubleshoot. When a user acts that way, there’s not much that we can do to help us troubleshoot.
Again, that was my assumption based on what @Sharry wrote. If I misunderstood it, I’m sorry for that.

All this said, what I or anyone at MOD did before any of these posts - I still didn’t manage to do it at the point of writing this post - was actually test the plugin.

Once again, as I wrote here, we first try to understand where the issue comes from and if it is from an eventual mistake/misunderstanding on the user side. If we jump immediately to test potential issues 1) answers, in general, will take way longer;
2) we may spend a lot of time trying to replicate an issue and then realize that the user was doing something wrong. @Sharry knows really well that this sometimes can happen and that is totally fine. Personally, I’m probably the worst person in the world to point my finger on silly/obvious mistakes…I do them way too many times and waste a lot of my life trying to solve them.

In order to troubleshoot we need to find where the issue comes from.

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The previous part of my post gives you the context on this.
I stated that I used it without feeling this issue. I also said that I’m not sure if I did already in the last version of the OS and plugins. So I guess this gives the context - you are on both in the latest version

The question did not make me realise that you did not mentioned my configuration. I presented my situation before.
I felt it was unnecessary to drag out the communication by asking what could be wrong somewhere.

I would like to end a discussion about who said or meant what.
I find such discussions tedious and manipulative.

Let’s stick to the facts.
The fact is that I reported an error with a plugin that I bought.
I gave all the data required for such bug reports and also proved the error with audio data.

About the suggestion to use a box:
A plugin unintentionally generates frequencies that are outside the frequency range of the guitar.
A good guitar speaker usually attenuates such low frequencies, boosts the mids and drops off relatively quickly from 5 Kz to about 6 KHz.
You could also use a high-pass filter (approx. 50-60 Hz).
Both possibilities improve the behaviour. But this is fighting the symptoms and not the cause.

I have also noticed artefacts with double stop chords, but I am not willing to investigate this further, as I do not consider the plug-in in its current form to be useful for me. Although the basic sound is actually good. Especially with clean settings.


@jon thanks for the ping.

Actually there has been some work already done on the Titan that was just not pushed to the store yet.
I just send it out, so after a quick review from the team it should be available in the store.


Good news :slight_smile: