Thrah / heavy metal drum sequencing on a Dwarf?

Hi everybody!

This weekend I was having fun jamming and experimenting with amp sims and cab sims.

I was missing some drums but I have very little experience with sequencing a “heavy genre drum”.

Are there some kind of especially arranged midi files that you can associate with a drum machine/plugin?
(so I can edit from there instead of starting from scratch)

Or is there another format/standard of files to be found online with open source “patterns” I can put on the dwarf and create a little jukebox or even sequence of patterns with into a song?

In other words; what if I want to create a complete drum of a song by matching and editing some “typical drum patterns” for the genre, where and how do I start?


there you go : Taktgeber D+ | Modern Metal Groovebox for the MOD DWARF

I use the step sequencer for that. Because you can assign the presets to a footswitch and write a complete song that way.
And I even have the kick and snare eq for a better mix.


I yes I saw that and totally forgot.
Forgive me, it’s been a while and I’ve been through a MOD journey ever since :smiley:

Thanks for the link to the pedalboard, it’s a great primer for me to start from! <3

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Try dropping those into the midi player and then out to what ever is playing drum sounds.

If you Google search you should find plenty to try. If you know anybody with ezdrummer etc they have really good midi loops with intro verse chorus bridge and outro so you can toggle them to create a song


Also I use ableton to put the midi loops together into 1 track. Usual copy and paste etc then you can select export midi which you could drag in to Dwarf midi player and go from there


Alright coolness, a few things to try then since I have such a “Chocolate” controller (switching some patterns mid song for instance)

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