The best tube emulator (IMHO) is hidden in another pedal :)

Hi all!

Just a quick post to flag up the REALLY great tube emulation in the Guitarix Tube Tremolo - you can set the trem depth to zero and just it for the tube emulation (I assign the depth to a knob on the DuoX so I can use it anyway, but you can assign it to a switch as well using a CV tool to toggle between zero and whatever value you want if you just want to be able to turn it on and off).

I’m constantly looking for great tube emulation, and the Supersonic was until now my favourite, but this is so simple to use - I’ve got the Guitarix Alembic preamp in there and the Baxandall EQ from the beta section, and then the Tube tremolo after both. Would love to take the tube emulation section of this and add a three band parametric EQ to it (if anyone wants to make it, I’d happily pay money for it :wink: )


Cool tip @solobasssteve

This is on my “to check” list during the week of holiday I can enjoy now


Yesterday I had some time to test it and yes, it is really good one. It adds tube like compression, very subtle - hard to get with standard compressor. It is nice because you do not need to set anything, just level and it really tights the sound and brings it forward. I found also in beta Calf Tape Emulator/tion, it has a lot of kobs - first you want to do is to set noise to 0. It is nice because it has freq knob and it can shape tone really nice plus adds some compression. Input and output knobs are much to hot so I suppose this is why it is in beta but overall it can be really good plugin.


ah yes! I’ve got the tape emulator, but didn’t play with it a whole lot. Need to revisit it. The Calf stuff is truly amazing, but some of it definitely would benefit from optimising for the MOD platform :slight_smile:


Yes, calf makes really good stuff! I bought probably all of paid ones. I suppose small optimising of Tape emulation values would make it really useful plugin.


Where can I find that?

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In the plugin store on your device. It might require beta plugins to be turned on, I can’t remember :slightly_smiling_face:


Found it, thanks!


Hi @solobasssteve

Great founding the Guitarix Tube Tremolo. It sounds really good indeed but it seems to be using too much CPU power on my Dwarf.
I´m curious if someone else have tried on the dwarf and had the same behaviour.

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on my dwarf it uses about 10%-15% of CPU