Tested and approved MIDI controllers

Hi all,

I often see people asking for advice on which MIDI controller to buy, or asking whether the controller he/she already own will work well with MOD devices.

There have been several threads in this forum about this but they are all hard to find (we don’t have a MIDI category!! I think we should have one!)

I was thinking it is a good idea to have a wiki page listing all the MIDI controllers people have already tried so we can have an organized list with information for people looking for this information.

It could also have comments on each device, stating some specific information on what may not work or how to properly configure it.

What do you think?


I think this is a great idea.

While building my first pedalboards in the MOD, I realized I needed more footswitches than the two provided by the MOD Duo itself. At first I tried working it out with the switchbox, allowing me to make three different sounds from clean / crunch / distortion. But didn’t quite cut it.

I stumbled upon the iCon G-Board, which does work. Only problem is that the LEDs on it doesn’t turn on when a footswitch is engaged. Seems to be a problem with the software within the iCon. (If anyone else tries it out and manages to work this problem out, let me know :slight_smile: )

I also use an Akai MPK Mini. By using a USB-splitter I could connect both of them to the USB-port in the back of the MOD Duo and therefore have one pedalboard where I could control 10 different effects for my guitar, and at the same time use 4 different simulators for the Akai. Another awesome thing was that the Akai has 8 knobs and 8 pads, all which can be assigned any parameter. Useful to not have to scroll through it all on the knobs on the MOD.

Really cranked the CPU with that board, but did work :smiley:

TLDR; iCon G-board (OK, LEDs not working properly) and Akai MPK Mini (Works awesome)


I think this would be useful as I found out that some didn’t work well, like the Sensel Morph.

Programming a Neotrellis M4 as a midi controller works really well. I’m pretty sure any DIY midi controller made with an Arduino should work too


So here is a first draft: https://wiki.moddevices.com/wiki/MIDI_Controllers_tested_by_the_community

Maybe if it grows too big it will have to be reorganized. Let’s see how it goes!

Feel free to edit it!


Definitely interested in how the linnstrument behaves.

Greetings all! I see that there hasn’t been much going on in this thread but thought I’d post a few observations. Let me preface this by saying that I’m a NEW user as I’ve only had my DUO a couple of weeks (I LOVE it btw!). I realize that MOD is still relatively new and I DO appreciate the approach they’ve taken toward having a device that users can tweak and add-on to.
The way I see things going for MOD is split, one way for “live” the other for “recording/studio” use. The DUO seems sturdy and its appearance seems cast toward being used for live situations. I’m a working guitarist (well, working before COVID hit) and am planning on using the DUO for my live gigs. I’ve gathered several foot controllers and multi-effects boxes over the years and own a few competitors to the MOD Device products so my post here is really more of a request & comparison than a complaint. For “live” gigs I’m still old school and use amps…I haven’t yet fallen into the “it sounds just as good through the PA” hype. I will admit it’s getting there but I still love the feeling of the guitar and amps interacting. I use a simple 4-cable setup so for me it’s a necessity to have a device that will work with an effects loop. ALL of the DUO’s competitors have this…Kemper, Fractal, Mooer and others. I know this requires a change in hardware and with the DUO being 1st out the gate and production costs being what they are maybe it was just not feasible…fair enough but at some point I feel it’s going to need that capability to compete.
Taking an idea from the Fractal camp, it would be REALLY nice to have dual-functioning foot switches on both the DUO and the MOD foot switch. The Fractal (FX8 & AX8) have x/y switches allowing 2 settings for each device you have positioned in that particular slot, i.e. x/y delay or x/y overdrive effetely doubling up the variations for your effects. It’s a really nice touch.
The Mooer (GE300) is the ONLY device I’ve found to be completely configurable. You can set the output for your effects loop anywhere in the chain (as with the Fractal) but the Mooer also has XLR outputs which can be used separately from the 1/4" outputs. This comes in handy for outputting their “synth” component or anything else you want to go FOH. Another nice touch.
I’m in the process of trying a “Eureka” prom updated FCB101 and a GC pro controller for the DUO. I’ve heard good things about each. I’ve thought hard about buying the MOD foot switch but with only 4 switches it just won’t cut it for live stuff.
I’m sorry for being so long-winded but I wanted to put these observations out there in hopes that MOD might implement them at some point in the future.
I’ll shut up now by just stating that I LOVE the DUO and am not disappointed at all by my purchase. PLEASE keep up the good work! Thanks all!


Hey @Bruceboulie,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It is really appreciated.

Just wanted to check what you meant here:

Are you saying that the Duo can’t do a 4 cable setup?

It was my understanding that you could do something like this:

Instrument -> (pedals) -> Duo [ Input 1 -> Plugins -> Output 1 ] -> (pedals) -> Amp In

Amp FX send -> (pedals) -> Duo [ Input 2 -> Plugins -> Output 2] -> (pedals) -> Amp FX Return

I’m sure others here with more experience can help clarify :slight_smile:

Hi Danmh, you’re absolutely right you can do it that way. I forgot to mention that I run my rig in stereo to get a nice, wide sound. I just really wanted to point out that having the ability to incorporate a loop and STILL go out stereo is a feature the competition has. Thanks!

Hi @Bruceboulie, thanks a lot for your detailed feedback!
I’m happy to know that you are happy with your new Duo. Sorry for the delay in the answer, hope that during this time you manage to keep the opinion and get even more excited about your Duo (did you?)
Just wanted you to know that your feedback is being taken into consideration by MOD team.
On a personal note, from the devices that you refer to, I feel that some have similar goals with the MOD, others not so much (like the Kemper, for example).

Anyway, it’s really nice for you (and the rest of the community) to share how they really want to use the devices, so the team can optimize them in those directions.

Just tested Harley Benton MP100 midi controller (clone of MeloAudio MIDI Commander) and it works perfectly.

For those interested, here it is a custom opensource firmware but it’s kinda pre-alpha stage currently


Has anyone tried the Lexicon footswitch designed for the MPX G2? I am in the process of replacing my MPX G2 with a Dwarf (although I think the one that just arrived is faulty. The display is constantly flickering and I can’t get a clean sound through it and now it’s making weird noises when I’m not playing).

It seems like a great solution, given it’s layers of program switching, along with being able to turn on and off individual blocks.

Do you mean the MOD Dwarf? Is this the issue that you were reporting in the other thread?
Now reading it from here I also think that something may be “funky” with your power supply or even with the place you are connecting it. Please write to support@moddevices.com about the issue (add your serial number and maybe a video of what is happening to speed up things :slight_smile: )

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Update for the folks here: I got my Dwarf replaced and the new one functions perfectly! I’m looking forward to hours of experimentation!


Hello @BoulderBass Edwin,

the Lexicon MPX R1 should work with a standard MIDI to TRS Type A cable.

For using the Lexicon MPX R1 controlling snapshots and pedalboards please have a look here.
If you want to control plugin parameters via MIDI have a look here.

Greetings and God bless, Marius




Lots of info about MIDI controllers, but is there some options for an expression pedal? I heard you guys are developing one. How far down the track is that anticipated to be?
A page on the Wiki for expression pedals would be awesome.

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I think the best bet for expression pedals is to get a MIDI controller thing and a separate expression pedal to go into that, then send them both into the Mod device together. In my case, I’m currently using the M-Vave Chocolate with a Hotone Soulpress II. The best part of the Soulpress II is that it has separate expression and audio outputs so I can use it as a wah like normal going into my Mod without having to mess with a virtual wah plugin inside the Mod (no perfect way to switch on a virtual wah). Then it’s also a nice expression pedal for any parameter. Then you also have 4 bonus stomps with the Chocolate! Other midi controllers that also work great and take a generic expression pedal (tested and work great with my Dwarf and Duo) are the Disaster Area Designs MIDI Baby and the Logidy UMI-3.


Yep. We have a sort of list in Expression pedals and adapter options for the Dwarf.

@James is the best guy to give updates, but as far as I know, the hardware is mostly set and waiting for the “go” to move into a test production. The firmware side then should be rather fast.

I will save that suggestion :slight_smile:


As @jon said, we have a topic where I give updates about the status of the expression pedal
Expression pedal update