Tap tempo via midi?

I know it is possible to assign a foot switch to tap tempo, but is it possible to assign a midi cc# to do likewise?

So far have no luck finding a way to do so.


Unless the actual device does it, it is not possible for now.
But it is a good idea, MIDI in theory is precise enough to allow this.


It would be great !!!
For now it is possible to listing to a midi clock, but one side effect is that the switch you assigned on the ModDevice is an-assign when you chose to listening to midi clock or Abelton link, even if you come back to internal tempo. (I needed this on a show where the tempo comes from a friend only for some songs…)

(Using midi could be a way to avoid this by assign a switch to a midi-plugin that send the CC# message in the new midi loop…)

Thanks for the fast reply. Will be nice to see the feature in upcoming updates :sunglasses:

If not, a cv plugin that can convert tap interval into either bpm or ms? That will be useful too.