Switch the knob behaviour

Would it be easy to have a knob setting that swaps the knob behaviour of the fine and coarse input?
I more often find myself using the coarse input mode.


I believe that it could be possible, but how would you see it working?
And how much of a difference would make on your workflow and also other users? (this is a call for other users to give feedback :slight_smile: )

Just a switch in the general settings to swap coarse and fine behaviour of the knobs.


I’ve seen devices with coarse/fine switching on encoders where you click the knob like a button to toggle. This would allow granular, real-time control over each knob rather than just a global setting.

I don’t have my dwarf yet, so I’m not sure if all encoders are also pushbuttons, nor do I know the logistics of implementing this feature, but it was a convenient on the devices I’ve used.

With this:

You answered me to this:

Because this is possible on the MOD Dwarf. All the 3 encoders are endless and also push buttons. when tweaking an assigned parameter you can push and turn the button to sweep the values faster.

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Now that I have the device in hand I retract my original suggestion :woozy_face:


haha no worries :slight_smile:

Another question to the knobs. I don’t really like them. The metal slips a bit, the pressDown is to hard and especially the sharp shape of the knobs is hurting my finders a bit… Would it be easy to replace caps? Which metrics do they have to look for a replacement? Or is anyone having them replaced already?

Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about the press down being hard since that is defined by the encoder manufacturer and they are basically all the same. The knob was designed with a flange at the bottom to make it easier to press down without slipping. If you want to try something different go for it. Any knob with a 6mm straight shaft and grub screw will work. If you want it to fit in the recess then it should be less than 19mm outer diameter


Thank you for the Info. I will try these. They seem to be a bit bigger and have a round top. I’ll let you know.


Just be careful not to kick or stand on them. The reason why the knobs are so low profile is so you don’t kick them and potentially damage the electronics inside

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I would love to have this option. I rarely, if ever, use the fine tuning.

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