Switch knob speed behavior

I’d love to have an option to switch the knob speed behavior so that regular turning is coarse and press-turning is fine.

There was a question about this a couple of years ago but can’t find an actual feature request for it: Switch the knob behaviour

To answer @jon 's question in that thread - it would make a massive difference to my personal workflow. I’m using the Dwarf as a hands-on looper and DJ-style filter. Turning the knob 20 times to go from the lowest value to the highest isn’t great during a performance.

If we had the option to switch the behavior I’d have it on regular-coarse/press-fine 100% of the time.


EDIT: the Feb 2022 was indeed a Feature Request but since the original author changed their mind I’ll leave this here. Mods feel free to delete this if inappropriate or merge them together. :grinning: