Suggested bluetooth dongle

Can anyone suggest a working bluetooth dongle for the DUO?

My one does not work.

Hello @Tarrasque73,

you might get some more answers using the help function in the forum, but there are some posts of different users that have made some experiences with bluetooth in following threads/ answers:

Greetings and God bless, Marius

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I wish I looked through this before going to Best Buy and getting the insignia brand… it doesn’t work.

I had a different dongle before but got lost in the move…

if you can tell me its hardware id (via lsusb tool on linux or macOS) I might be able to add support for it.

Oh! I didn’t know you could do that. I already returned it to Best Buy. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Asus usb B-400 work for me. Didn’t tryed bluetoothctl with ssh, but is it possible to add a device like Yamaha MDBT01 or Korg nano studio BT ? Done with my raspberry but dunno if on the modduo the bluetooth is fully installed ?

Just got that one

Works perfectly :smiley:

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Mine is this one

works great works great, has a blinking green led

EDIT : I also tried this one

still great, no blinking led

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This Avantree was the only one that worked for me. I tried CDR EDR 4.0 and it doesn’t work. The Mod Devices guys tried to help me, but to no avail.

I am communicating through two Samsung devices. An A8 phone and an old tablet worked without problems.

I thank the forum, especcialy Fish, for providing the information so that I can follow and achieve this result.

Bluetooth communication, despite being slower, will help me a lot.

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Did someone try this 5.0 dongle ?



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It seems that this is not working on my Dwarf.

hci0: RTL: firmware file rtl_bt/rtl8761b_fw.bin not found
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We don’t ship with such firmware files. there are far too many to collect and they would make the OS image 2x or 3x bigger, plus there are often very strict license requirements that do not allow us to ship with them anyway.
You can try to follow the same steps as per WiFi to get the firmware inside, see WiFi - MOD Wiki


Firmware loaded, now status is discoverable but I’m unable to connect with my android phone. I’m able to pair the mod (it asks for a pin which should be 0000) but I’m unable to establish a bluetooth connection for some unknown reasons.

EDIT: it works perfectly with my iPad


On Android from my experience you need to disable mobile data and WiFi before it accepts network connections through bluetooth.
Have you tried that?

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Yep, no luck :pensive:

Maybe this is related to the android version? Wondering if the feature just got removed completely, it was kinda hidden before anyway.
What version is your device running at? Any chance of trying an old phone or something that runs an older version?

Hello. I have the same problem with my Mod Duo X.
I tried different android phone and tablet.
I think something is broken between android and Mod Duo devices.

You say the Avantree works for you but what’s your device? A Mod Dwarf?

Just tested with an old android 4.4.2 tablet but still is not connecting. Pairing is ok but no connection.

Qucik question :-). Have you followed step 5 ( 5. As soon as your MOD device is paired, click on its settings and activate the “Internet access” through it ) of the bluetooth/android-wiki?

Btw. I’m also using the Avantree DG40S USB-Bluetoothdongle like Fish and it works fine.

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