[solved, not true] "Switchbox 1-2" assignment to knobs not working


Assigning “switchbox 1-2” channels (or presets) selection to a device knob is not correctly working: the device interfaces shows the values (channel number or preset name) and apparently can select them, but the switch will not be operating the change.

How to reproduce

  1. create a new pedalboard

  2. add a switchbox 1-2

  3. map “channel” to knob 1 page 1

  4. try to use knob 1 in page 1 to change the switch output and check that is not working

  5. set switchbox to channel 1 using the web ui

  6. save an user preset “preset 1”

  7. set switchbox to channel 2 using the web ui

  8. save an user preset “preset 2”

  9. map “presets” to knob 2, page 1 (Assign ALL)

  10. try to use knob 2 in page 1 to change the switch preset and check that is not working

Expected/suggested solution

Replace this text with how you would expect this to work.

Additional information

The described behaviour does not change wether the web-ui is connected or not.


“Switchbox 1-2” version: 1-1.18

This might be a silly question, but did you set the plugin’s bypass button? Here’s a relevant topic

Here’s a bit more on the behavior of the switches

Thank you for your reply, I am not sure I completely get your point anyway.

English is not my native language and later I will read again the links you have posted, but what I noticed is that:

  1. Switchbox 1-2 work as (I) expected when toggled using the web-ui and when assigning “channels” or “presets” to a footswitch

  2. When assigning to a knob the on screen gui seems to work (it shows a list of possible values and allows to select one of them) but the switchbox does not commute the output channel

  3. the “on-off” toggle in the settings always appears as being enabled

Moreover, you wrote “Basically, the 2-to-1 set to the lower input acts as a flip-flop with the power switch. No such luck for 1-to-2”… Is this the expected behaviour or some weird side-effect?


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I am not sure if this is the intended behavior, I just documented what I saw. Also, that part is referring to behavior when the plugin is turned “off”. I’ll see if I can reproduce the problem you originally reported.

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I followed your posted steps and I see the correct behavior (the knobs both change the channel on the 1-to-2 switch) Here’s the pedalboard I used:

This is weird.

I just tried your example pedalboard and it is not working on my DWARF… maybe a firmware/software version issue?

Look at the video below

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Also works on my Dwarf

that is… weird. No idea why that would happen.

Hi @Zavorra,
Check that List Behavior isn’t in Click mode :

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As @funkypou suggested List behaviour was in Click Mode and I didn’t clicked the confirmation button quick enough.

Moreover having both “channels” and “presets” mapped at the same time caused some issues since I could inconsistently set channels to 1 and preset, say, to electric (which implies channel 2).

My fault, thank you all

But, since we are here, is there any parameter do set a longer timeout for the confirmation delay (or for knob turning) in “Click Mode”?


I don’t think so. I just tried Click Mode and indeed, it’s not very convenient. You have to press very quickly after turning the knob. You’d better use Direct Mode.

I even found a bug in Click Mode : when an endless knob is assigned to presets, the normal behavior would be to display the previously active preset if you don’t press the knob to enable a new one after scrolling. But there is a specific situation where the Dwarf screen keeps displaying the selected preset instead of the active one : when you scroll from top to bottom and stop on a user preset.

@falkTX, let me know if you want me to open a new topic for this bug.

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