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Crinkle introduces noisy artifacts on the repeats that I like to describe as “dusty” (see the Fairy Dusty preset). It’s more apparent when the tape age is set to the right. Bias on the other hand is how sound is put on the tape. If it’s underbiased there will be dropouts after a few repeats around the zero-crossing point (crossover/zero-crossing distortion) or in the softer part of the wet signal (see the Unbiased Opinion preset). If you overbias, the sound will be pushed more into a soft-clipping circuit that can introduce some overdrive (see the Mulholland Drive preset). I hope this clarified things! If not don’t hesitate to ask. :slight_smile:


Thanks all for the kind words!

  1. I is there a way we could dial up the intensity (50%) of the crinkle knob, its seems really subtle.
  2. how difficult is it to re-order the path of the tape age to, before the delay?

I’ve found that the value range of the crinkle knob is what I was going for, but to come back to your question no there’s no end-user intensity dial-up. As for the tape age, the wet signal will pass through the tape age at least once, and again on every repeat after the first delay. Again this was by design. Hope this helps!


id pay for something like that aka Gaffa 2

I bought the Gaffa a few weeks ago and really loved the sound but was kinda bummed there was no option to sync to MIDI clock and adjust time in BPM divisions. Today, I decided to assign time to knob 1 on my Duo and BAM that option was there all along! That feature should be mentioned in the plugin description and/or noted in the ui! It’s too sweet to be kept a secret like that!


Hi @bleo, this feature is actually not specific for this plugin. There are quite a few that have this feature on time based parameters. There is some documentation on the bottom of this page: . However, I agree it would be valuable to look at other methods of communicating such features.

That is way cool! I guess I should check some of my other fave plugins (like Floaty Delay) to see if they also inform MOD that they have time based parameters and can be BPM synced! Thanks for the heads up on that, @BramGiesen !

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@SHIRO-Plugins I really love the Gaffa delay, it sounds so great! One thing I’ve noticed is that the repeats can be a little bright. It’s awesome that there’s a lowcut, but is it possible to add a high cut, or the ability to effects loop in an external filter? Again, great work!


That’s really nice to hear, thank you! The “tape age” parameter acts as a fancy lowpass filter with the value set being the cutoff frequency. That parameter should sort you out! :slight_smile:


Oh, good to know! I thought I heard some lowpass effect there, but I hadn’t played with it enough to solidify that. Thanks for confirming, and again, it’s a great sounding plugin!

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Thanks for this. I was a bit shocked that the Duo X didn’t actually come with something as bread-n-butter as this, but I snapped it up as soon as I found it. I might of sent the Duo X back had it not been for this plugin. It’s crucial to the sounds I like.

Hiya MOD peoples! I am but a humble Pisound / Raspberry Pi 4 user, using the MODEP software. I am super grateful for the work folks have done to develop this open source platform. I would love to be able to access some of the commercial plugins from the plugin-store, especially this one and the shiroverb mkII! Is there any way that I could purchase the plugins and get them on the raspberry pi? I have the mod plugin builder and have been able to successfully transfer several plugins to the rpi that weren’t built into MODEP / patchbox. Many thanks in advance for any support or advice folks can offer :slight_smile:

Hey @nodrog! Thanks a lot for the great feedback :slight_smile:
Currently it is not possible to do what you are requesting. The plugin licenses are based on devices. Yet, maybe soon there will be some improvements on that and some news that may allow someone in your situation to adquire a plugin. But not yet sure how will we go.

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Thanks for your response, Jon! Darn, I had a feeling that might be the answer. But I am glad to hear that it may change in the future! I will continue to follow along and watch for those updates :slight_smile:

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Just purchased this plug-in and added a few instances into a pedal board. Two thumbs up! This is exactly the kind of flavour I’m looking for, and hope there will be more vintage delay emulations added to the library. I don’t care if something is ‘exactly’ like a specific model of delay, but do want some varieties of styles. Please oh please make a Binson plug-in !


Bought Gaffa last night, and I really love it! Inspires me to quit fiddling with knobs and just make music. That’s the sign of a great plugin!

I do have one question: I’m having a hard time nailing down exactly what ‘drift’ does. Can anyone educate me?


Sorry your question slipped under my radar! Glad that you’re enjoying Gaffa :slight_smile:
‘Drift’ is the range of time fluctuations that can occur around the delay time set by the ‘Time’ parameter. All the way to the left ‘Drift’ leaves Time pretty much stable, turning it to the right will introduce more and more obvious irregular artefacts.


hey Shiro! one question, are there any plugins from you planned for the future? recently have been some discussion about the lack of reverb types in the MOD and since your plugins are some of the best in the time/modulation section could be really cool to have something new in that area with the quality of the Shiroverb. Thank you!


At this moment in time I’m not working on a new reverb. I have some ideas regarding new plugins, but I’m not sure if and when they will see the light of day.