Shiro GAFFA - host tempo?


GAFFA is a really nice delay… i’d use it more, except i often need my delays to use the MOD host BPM. any chance of adding that capability to the Shiro GAFFA?


hmmm… I suppose you’ve checked this box :

So what’s not right with this ?


thanks, @Rom … didn’t realize how that works! oops.

it’s perfect. :pray:

hmmmm… turns out that Gaffa has a hard cap on the delay time at the 900 ms which shows as the top of the range in the parameter window. …even though the numeric display appears to go higher there (with very slow tempi in the host transport), the delay doesn’t go longer than 900 ms.

so there’s a lot of range that’s available in the host transport, but unavailable in Gaffa.


oh… strange… here is what I can do on my Dwarf, the Gaffa Time can go beyond 900ms (I tap 35bpm here) :

yes, the displayed number goes beyond 900ms for me as well. however, the actual audible delay doesn’t get any slower than 900ms, even as the number exceeds that.

ah okay, I didn’t listened to it… so it’s a limitation of the Shiro Gaffa thant only @SHIRO-Plugins can change

i just tried editing gaffa.ttl… following what some folks were doing for the Drop plugin here:

when i changed the “time” block in that file to this…

  a lv2:InputPort, lv2:ControlPort ;
        lv2:index 12 ;
        lv2:name "time" ;
        lv2:symbol "time" ;
        lv2:default 600.000000 ;
        lv2:minimum 20.000000 ;
        lv2:maximum 6000.000000 ;
        units:unit units:ms ;
        lv2:portProperty  mod:tapTempo , mod:tempoRelatedDynamicScalePoints;

…the available range for the knob in the parameter window did change such that it goes all the way to 6000, so i thought it might work. unfortunately, the audible delay still goes no longer than 900ms. so i guess that limit is hard-coded into the plugin’s dsp.

@SHIRO-Plugins any chance of making Gaffa capable of following the entire range of the MOD host tempo? :pray: :crossed_fingers: :blush: