Double Octave Down

Hello! Been trying (with varying degrees of success) to create a double octave down chain for my electric violin in order to approximate an electric double bass. At the moment, I’m using 2 mod drop plugins in series, each with the high fidelity option. This produces the best sound, but in conjunction with the rest of the chain also produces noticeable latency. I’ll keep messing with settings, but I was just wondering if anyone else has ideas for a fast, high quality -24 semitone solution. Worst case scenario, I might look into a dedicated pitch shifter pedal to place before my mod dwarf.


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I’ll have to go back and test, but I think the latency was most noticeable when listening to my mod dwarf through a DI->mixer->PA. I don’t recall if it was as bad through just the headphone out on the unit.

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The GxOC-2 pedal gives a 2 octave down (along with one octave and normal or a mix of all three) on one pedal.


I tried that one and sometimes the tracking doesn’t register 2 octaves down. Probably something to do with the attack of the bow.

I notice that the mod capo has a “super capo” variant. Are there plans to introduce a “super drop” plugin with increased pitch shift range? Idk if it’d solve my latency issue, but it’s worth a shot.

Hi @Avery_Devine, there are currently no plans yet to introduce a super drop plugin, but I have made sure to document your request for future development efforts.

In the meantime, I can provide a nice workaround for you if you don’t mind getting your hands a bit dirty :wink:

What we can do is manually change the range of the STEP parameter. We can do this by SSHing into the MOD Device, and then tweaking the metadata file of the Drop plugin.

So, steps:

  1. Open a terminal window on mac/linux, or powershell on windows
  2. Type “ssh root@” and press enter
  3. Now enter the password “mod” and press enter
  4. Now type “cd .lv2/mod-drop.lv2/” and press enter to go to the folder containing the Drop plugin
  5. Type “mount / -o remount,rw” and press enter to make the filesystem writable
  6. Type “nano Drop.ttl” and press enter to edit the metadata file of the Drop plugin
  7. Find the STEP parameter in this file
  8. Change the “lv2:minimum” value to whatever you desire, I tested until -48 semitones
  9. Press control+O followed by enter to save the changed range
  10. Press control+X to exit nano
  11. Type “sync” followed by enter
  12. Now wait 5 seconds, unplug power, replug power
  13. Wait for the device to be rebooted and voila, it should have the new range now.
  14. If the new range doesn’t show up in your web interface, try clearing the browser cache or opening the web interface in a fresh incognito browser window.

Sidenote: changing the range is not something MOD can guarantee to work, side-effects may happen. Please make sure to test thoroughly before relying on it for important performances.

Happy hacking!


Thanks for the tip! I’ll try it out soon.

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Apologies, got a little busy. I followed the instructions up 'til modifying the step parameter. The image you attached doesn’t seem to display for me. I figure I’m inputting something incorrectly :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Are you running the latest version of the plugin?

I didn’t realize I was scrolling through powershell incorrectly haha

It’s all sorted out now and working great!


That’s awesome! Enjoy :slight_smile:

Actually, your request made me play around with my kalimba going through the drop with extended range, and it’s been very enjoyable. Thanks for that!



Ooh, that sounds fun! I have a kalimba as well and might have to try that out! I’m imagining the likes of big bassy carillon bells haha