Sharing plugins manually from a device to another one without using the store

just out of curiosity I also tried to build a few plugins for the dwarf that I missed to download before the store went down. I use the wsl layer in windows, installed alle dependencies and so far everything built as expected. I even tried some of the plugins you listed that failed - they build without errors for the dwarf.


Hello @falkTX Filipe,

this was exactly I wanted to hear. Thanks for clarifying!

Gretings and God bless, MMarius

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I asked this in the topic about the insolvency but thought I’d ask also here as this seems somewhat related to this topic. Is the Max gen~ cloud down at the moment as well besides the plugin store and pedalboard sharing? I can’t get anything working with the Modwatcher, not even the example patches.

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This is off-topic for both, but yes all cloud infra is down atm. We only have the forum, wiki and website atm.


Ok, thanks. The Modwatcher did work a couple of days ago when the store was already down so I wasn’t sure if there was a chance it was still running.

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hi everyone, I took time to get the .lv2 folder out of a backup here in a zip :

If you put the .lv2 folder in the user.tar you could restore those plugins I’ve downloaded on my Dwarf.

I didn’t test it, please make a backup before testing this.


Thanks @Rom

Is the Audio File player in there?
I suppose that I can upload individual plugins via SSH, right?


Many thanks @Rom for the work! Good that people like you exist!


@Rom thank you for sharing


Not sure, I’ve never used it !

No, if you do this that way you would have to update the data base too… just take one backup you’ve made with a USB stick :

  • you have two .tar files
  • in the user.tar you have this .lv2 folder
  • you can merge the one that I have sent with the one you have
  • in your Dwarf WebUI make a restore
    Then you should have yours and my downloaded plugins installed in your Dwarf

No problem guys !


May I have more details on that? I had expected that uploading plugin bundle folders to .lv2 folder should work.


I’ve read it in this thread, I think it is in a Falktx post…
The device has to scan the lv2 folder to check new plugins, to you would have to tell the dwarf to scan the folder… I don’t know the right command to do so, that’s why I think the restore function is the easiest way to get where you want to go





thanks @Rom for the sharing.
would it not be safer to just copy the plugins that one wants to install to the device?


A simple reboot of the device or of the mod-host and mod-ui service will rescan the folder…so yes you can cherry pick only the plugins you want and upload them!


Hello @Rom

Just tested uploading a single plugin over SSH on windows using WINSCP and it worked just fine. Here are the steps if someone wants to try:

Disclaimer: Always backup your device first! The steps below have worked for me but if you follow them your are doing so at your own risk.

  1. Full backup of my Dwarf
  2. Then I logged in to my Dwarf using WinSCP (SSH) and navigated to the root directory
  3. Unhide the “.lv2” directory
  4. Choose a plugin that I didn’t have inside @Rom’s shared “.lv2” folder.
  5. Copied and pasted into my Dwarf’s .lv2 directory.
  6. Closed the SSH session
  7. Rebooted the Dwarf

The plugin showed up on the “constructor” and it works fine.

Please note that inside of the the Dwarf’s .lv2 directory exists several others “.lv2” directories that seems to be only references to “user presets” of some of the plugins and not the plugin itself.

I hope this help someone.

Ps.: So far I have found 41 plugins that I didn’t had. :star_struck:


The store being offline for so long saddens me deeply. :cry:

I am going to push for a “fake store” next week if insolvency or funding situation does not advance, it is possible to make an API endpoint that mimics the official store without using any of its code (thus not breaking any rules when it comes to insolvency, IP, etc)
Just want to mention it as to light up the overall mood a little bit.
I did not start anything for this yet, but been thinking of the best possible approach


Hi @falkTX
That Will be great. This way everybody can download and update all the plugins to the latest version and have some peace of mind.
Thanks a Lot.


This definitely lightens the mood–do the plugins themselves not count as IP because they’re fundamentally open source, and the paid plugins are property of the developers and not MOD? Or would the paid plugins be left out of a fake store because you’re not supposed to earn revenue?