SELLING -> Mod Duo X Limited Edition


Selling a Mod Duo X LIMITED EDITION in pristine condition. Rarely used and up to date.

As much as I would love to keep it and use it, I must be realistic and trim down the “GAS-related fat”. I don’t have the time for this too.

For the price, I think that 1800€ would be fair since this is a pre-sale LIMITED EDITION of a fantastic and discontinued device. That said, I’m open to constructive criticism and ONOs.

Selling with free shipping to Italy and European Union only. Worldwide sales to be discussed here, for the Mod Audio community only.

Here’s the Reverb listing ModDevices Mod Duo X (Limited Edition) | Reverb , please if you contact me there make it clear that you come from this very post.


Best of luck with your sale! I personally would rather buy three Dwarfs and spend the rest on beer, but the DuoX is a fantastic device, of course.


Lmao man…good luck with the sale.

Not to be pessimistic, but the value of the MDX isnt going to increase because its limited edition. There has to be demand for the product, which the only other people I know that even know about MOD are the ones here already. We dont mind tinkering to get the sounds we want, but the average person is not going to have a lot of fun with the interface, nor will open source audio mean much to the average person.

Seeing how the Dwarf is the focus of MOD, the MDX will lag behind that pedal in features and Q.O.L. upgrades over time; which also does nothing to help improve the value of the MDX.

I’d temper your expectations on pricing to sell this unit. For that price, I could buy another laptop and high end effects, several synths, or like 2-3 other multi effects stomp boxes lol

If you can sell yours at that price, let me know. I am not using many effects in my productions anymore.


Not to shoot down your hopes, but this is severely overpriced.
Considering that the LE edition is less capable than the final production units (iirc it’s a quad-core instead of hexa-core) the added value of being “Limited Edition” is mostly a sentimental one.

Even though the DuoX is no longer being produced I would not consider such a price even remotely fair.

Cut it in half and maybe you’ll find some interested souls.

(just a tip. of course you can ask whatever price you want, just good to be realistic)


thank you all for your insights and feedback, very much appreciated :slight_smile: especially @dreamer detailed one.

I’m going to follow your pricing constructive criticisms and adjust the ad on Reverb.