SELLING -> Mod Duo X Limited Edition


Selling a Mod Duo X LIMITED EDITION in pristine condition. Rarely used and up to date.

As much as I would love to keep it and use it, I must be realistic and trim down the “GAS-related fat”. I don’t have the time for this too.

For the price, I think that 1800€ would be fair since this is a pre-sale LIMITED EDITION of a fantastic and discontinued device. That said, I’m open to constructive criticism and ONOs.

Selling with free shipping to Italy and European Union only. Worldwide sales to be discussed here, for the Mod Audio community only.

Here’s the Reverb listing ModDevices Mod Duo X (Limited Edition) | Reverb , please if you contact me there make it clear that you come from this very post.


Best of luck with your sale! I personally would rather buy three Dwarfs and spend the rest on beer, but the DuoX is a fantastic device, of course.


Lmao man…good luck with the sale.

Not to be pessimistic, but the value of the MDX isnt going to increase because its limited edition. There has to be demand for the product, which the only other people I know that even know about MOD are the ones here already. We dont mind tinkering to get the sounds we want, but the average person is not going to have a lot of fun with the interface, nor will open source audio mean much to the average person.

Seeing how the Dwarf is the focus of MOD, the MDX will lag behind that pedal in features and Q.O.L. upgrades over time; which also does nothing to help improve the value of the MDX.

I’d temper your expectations on pricing to sell this unit. For that price, I could buy another laptop and high end effects, several synths, or like 2-3 other multi effects stomp boxes lol

If you can sell yours at that price, let me know. I am not using many effects in my productions anymore.


Not to shoot down your hopes, but this is severely overpriced.
Considering that the LE edition is less capable than the final production units (iirc it’s a quad-core instead of hexa-core) the added value of being “Limited Edition” is mostly a sentimental one.

Even though the DuoX is no longer being produced I would not consider such a price even remotely fair.

Cut it in half and maybe you’ll find some interested souls.

(just a tip. of course you can ask whatever price you want, just good to be realistic)


thank you all for your insights and feedback, very much appreciated :slight_smile: especially @dreamer detailed one.

I’m going to follow your pricing constructive criticisms and adjust the ad on Reverb.



PSA: I AM NO LONGER SELLING because I only received lowballing offers and I realized 1) it is not worth it, and 2) I’m going to regret selling.

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Could just be you totally overestimated the value!

That’s possible, @AndyCap. He was warned about his asking price and the listing was heavily discounted.

But it could also be that nobody seems to want a MOD Duo X in whatever form.

I had mine up for sale in Italy’s top used instrument marketplace, and in 1 month my ad had 3 views.

Listed it on Reverb at a super low price of 450 Euro and the best I’ve got was a fellow Briton offer me €250 shipped to UK! (Looks like our country cannot let go of slavery and exploitation to this date, it’s ingrained in our DNA. We still believe colonization was a favour we did to others.)

So. I decided to just give mine away to someone who might use it. Posted an ad back in Italy and… ONE person wrote me about it.

Therefore, @GKRGY might as well keep it. Because selling, Limited or Production Edition, is a hopeless business.

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1800 is a bit different to 450/250 though!

To be honest I think 250 was a fair price.

You likely missed the point of my post, which is the lack of interest for a product launched not 5 years ago and that’s far more powerful than the Dwarf. MOD did an atrocious job with their finest product to the point it’s hard to find someone who wants one.

Like I said, he lowered the price significantly when he was told the Limited Edition is actually less valuable than production. He was initially thinking the LE was more valuable for being a limited run. See his response to @dreamer above.

You really think so? For a Duo X Production unit? Interesting, you posted a Reverb link for a unit at nearly 500GBP. Did you not locate one at a fair price? The only one I see on Reverb worldwide now is 625 Euro, by the way.

Anyhow, good for you. If you believe in fair prices, you’ll have no difficulty selling yours should you so wish.

I would have given you 250 for yours, not more therefore I think it was a fair price.

The world runs on supply and demand not fantasy.

Oh and I didn’t miss the point!

Yes. No one wants it. Worldwide. I think it’s a bit sad for modaudio. IMHO

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It is sad, the thing is though they are “dead” devices, Mod Dwarf is now the only real platform, Mod are concentrating on that.

If you were getting into Mod now as your first machine you would get a Dwarf, so the only people that would buy an original Mod or ModX probably already have one and would want a backup maybe.


Don’t you mean “the pandemic and the chip shortage”?

Because it was literally impossible to build new DuoX units.

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If you want to look at supply and demand, then look at data. The very Reverb form which you posted a link at nearly 500 GBP says that over the last 2 years the Duo Xs sold at 540 USD in average. Here’s a picture for your information.

Your giving X for something doesn’t make X a fair price. Therein lies the fantasy.

(And the exploitation, whereby UK Companies charge £50/hour for services they outsource to freelancers in India and Bangladesh for 10 pence/hour. When we detected the fraud, the CEO told us: “we’re not forcing anyone to work for us. We offer that and the accept it.” That’s a reasoning similar to yours, whereby semi-slavery wages when accepted by free people equals a moral and just agreement.)

No, I meant the atrocious managerial job Mod did with the Duo X and in general with everything else, bleeding money like crazy and developing 3 products at the same time (including the ill-designed LE Duo X) while never turning a penny in profit. Such as the Expression pedal that was crowdfunded in 2014, advertised in the website until 2016, then a succession of excuses came about: “Oh, we had to redesign it!” “Oh, the samples didn’t match!” “Oh, we had to change suppliers!” “Oh, the parts are not correct!” “Oh, don’t worry, it’s just a matter of adjusting some parts now.” “Oh, the samples came out wrong!” “Oh, our new supplier decided to make some changes!” “Oh, é de cair o cú da bunda!” And in fact, just days ago there was this one: “Oh, one part got stuck in traffic!” A full NINE years later, no pedal.

Then, people want to blame the pandemic that struck in 2020 for a failure dating back to 2014. No one denies the negative impact of chip shortage, but when your own customers offer you money to bring your flagship unit up to speed and not one head of the company even responds to that idea, you know what it means. (Only @falkTX was adult enough to weigh in.)

Then, the next thing that happens is: I have to stay late for an emergency meeting where we must evaluate an extension request for our customer LeanSquare in Belgium. Their financial report came in and there were high losses coming from… you know who.

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So you are saying that you should have got 450 because it is a fair price to you.

You couldn’t because there was no demand as the buyers do not think it is a fair price.

And this is all to do with colonisation, slavery and exploitation.

I think I have got it now.

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No, I never said that. I’m saying 450 Euro is a fair price based on average sales prices over the last 2 years. Units sold even here in the forum for about that price in the last few months (I saw one sale here in June).

Then a reseller in UK offers me 250 shipped likely planning to resell it for at least 500. Which means they also think that is a fair price.

Your opinion that that I couldn’t sell it bacause “buyers do not think it is a fair price” is just your opinion, not corroborated by data any of the current and recent transactions. Yet you use it to shoot down my “opinion”, which unlike yours is based on actual sales figures. You’re saying that I “think” 450 is a fair price just because I want it, and that’s flat wrong. I priced it at the lower end of most recent sales. Sorry if that escaped your interpretive capacity.

And my entire point – which you missed not once but twice – is that MOD’s mismanagement is the main factor behind the nearly non-existent demand for what’s a vastly superior unit compared to the Dwarf. I never complained or said anything about price fairness, did i? My main point was never price fairness, but lack of demand.

What has to do with colonisation is our silly British emphaia that generates math and science test scores inferior to Estonia, being a G7 country where about 13 million households cannot fire heating in a cold winter day because they cannot afford the bills (ah, supply and demand!!) and some TV personality convinces us that the EU is the problem. And our English tribalism thinks supply and demand explain everything, so we can charge 50 and pay 0.10 because it’s supply and demand after all.


you have not and you will not.


@miss_demeanor : Your grammar and spelling are meticulous, but you come across as a bitter person. Everything OK? Do you need a hug?


All is fine, thanks for the offer. Everyone needs a hug, right?

You OK too?

You’re right, I’m not displaying the best of me. Sorry. Or perhaps the “me” in question is just not as good as I might have thought. You might be in a better position to judge that.
Turns out I once accepted a hug from a nice person who years later tried to shoot me dead. I have the bullet holes in my abdomen to show for it, so I’m kinda of not good to weigh on these things. But it’s not anyone’s fault or problem.


You are right, the world needs more hugs. :hugs:

Everyone has their own story, thanks for sharing part of yours! I can only imagine walking in your shoes and maintain a reasonably good mood and seeing things in a positive light.

Just like you, I have given Moddevices my share of criticism in various areas. But they have their own sets of (economic and personal) constraints and are often already well aware of the problems. I guess what I want to express is, that there is only little benefit going over the issues again and again.