Schrammel OJD (model of the Fulltone OCD)

I am happy to welcome the Schrammel OJD to the Plugin Store.

The OJD is a model of the famous Fulltone OCD distortion pedal and was developed by Janos, from Schrammel.

Currently it is the beta store.

I think it sounds really awesome :metal:


this is super cool and the sound is great. Also it look really good.

What I don’t get is: why is there no ui when everything is available (Schrammel_OJD/BinaryResources/Graphics at master · JanosGit/Schrammel_OJD · GitHub) and just needs an minimal effort job to create a modui ?!
I know it’s the beta store and the forum but the current release is more of an alpha (also has no category and is quite CPU intensive).

This is more of philosophical question I guess. I get that releasing stuff as it comes in makes sense but polishing it a bit more would be even more of a push.


I have a OCD v1.7 that I really like, I will give it a comparison!


I was actually waiting a bit to publicize it, but @gianfranco is too excited about the plugin :sweat_smile:

Just got it to work 2 days ago, GUI setup to come next, and also some manual editing of the ttl to put in place a few things (some params should be toggles, category missing, needs brand/label/description)

It is a bit of an alpha “release” on MOD side for now yeah


yeah I get it. :wink:

Is this built with the new Toolchain or any optimization specific to the dwarf?

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not the new-new, but the middle one where we use gcc7

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plugin is updated, now providing a modgui.

also updated to integrate its internal bypass as LV2 bypass, plus being mono.


Such a nice design… I know that some people want to move beyond the perceived limitations of a pedal-style module design… but obviously this sort of look is instantly accessible and communicates exactly what you want to all users. And I for one am happy to have some strictures somewhere in the MOD ecosystem (other than the all-powerful 80% CPU limit, could do away with that one), it can make the option paralysis easier to overcome!

or whatever, it looks pretty :smile:


I’ve never used a Fulltone OCD, but this plugin sounds really nice. To my ears, it has smooth distortion, reminiscent of a Nobels-style overdrive.