ReMasterMedia - RMPro

Dear MOD Community members

We’re proud to announce the release of the RMPro plugin from ReMasterMedia -

The plugin is available immediately at the Plugin Store.

The RMPro is a great plugin to be positioned at the end of your signal chain to tame and treat the digital signal before the output. The ReMasterMedia team did amazing work with the selection of the many internal parameters in order to create the different profiles of the plugin, leaving just 5 simple and straightforward controls to the users.

It is one of those magic plugins that simply “do the job” :wink:


Hi Gianfranco,

thanks for this great plugin. I am using my Mod DuoX mostly for being the last in my chain for livestreams and the RMPro is a simple and good solution as the final limiter.

In the moment I am using a TAL-delay for compensation the video/audio-delay, which is one of the problems when it comes to synchronicity between the audio- and the video-signal in live-streaming situations. The TAL is not ideal, because it is colouring the audio, but I can´t find any better solution.
It would be great, if you could add a simple “delay in milliseconds”-parameter to the device, this would be the ideal solution for all my needs… anyway RMPro sounds good and gives a nice finishing touch !


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There is a plugin in beta for this, though it times the parameter in samples rather than seconds.

If you know in advance the amount of latency it should introduce, you can convert between samples and seconds.
On MOD units 1 second = 48000 samples.

Perhaps something to push to the stable part of store, though a way to specify time in seconds (or milliseconds) would be needed to make it more useful :thinking:


Wow! Took me about 3 minutes with the trial version to decide to buy this. Absolutely love it. It’ll be replacing the Calf Limiter at the end of my chain on every board where I’ve got the processor headroom to accommodate it! Absolutely brilliant


Hi Falk,

thanks for your input on the delay - I will give it a try !


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Well I snagged this today.

Hands down the best thing I’ve put in my set up. This plug-in is phenomenal.

I recorded two horror tracks, but this plug-in can absolutely handle my Strega with grace.

Best plug-in purchase I’ve made so far!


What a great addition. I’d have it on every pedalboard, but there’s not enough processor headroom on the Dwarf. My favorite pedalboard for the moment, Ambient drone Guitar, (thanks, @dann), is now at 80% and above.
Makes me want a second Dwarf exclusively for some reverb and mastering. So this may be the most expensive plugin ever :laughing:


I’m in the same boat, mate.

I ended up snagging a DUOX because of the added controls, processing power, and CV for my synths.

The dwarf is gonna fit in there at another section. The real question is gonna be how to connect both devices in a single gui instance, and if that’s possible yet lol

It’s not yet possible. Yet, there’s a trick: use a USB cable for one of the devices and for the other a Bluetooth dongle :wink:


… and they’ll have separate URLs. Brilliant.


Yes, I agree completely. RMPro is a great plug 'n play plugin and it is absolutely worth the prize. The sound is amazing. There is only one disadvantage: It is consuming lots of processor power. I sadly cannot use it in all of my pedalboards. I wish I could…


so whats the single usage of cpu on the dwarf?

For me, the consumption of RMpro on my dwarf is 30.4% cpu.


On one of my simple boards that I used on one of my last tracks, I ran two RMPro on the board and it is pretty CPU intensive. I didn’t max out the CPU, but I can definitely see complex boards struggling with it.


I agree, it is CPU intensive. But…I checked it intensly and I love it! It is really one of the finest plugins!

Especially for my Mandoline the sound in absolutely enhanced, pointed, cristal clear and deep. This is really an enhancement!

I checked some simple boards and made it more and more complicated. By the way: I used the Dwarf!

Only RMPro: 32.7%

RMPro with Shiro MK2 reverb: 48%

RMPro with Shiro MK2 reverb and sophisticated modulation: 51.8%

And last not least a complex board, the uper line is for Mandoline, the downer line for singing. Lots of plugins and Midi related stuff: 73.5% to about 82%

Especially stacked reverb is a problem with RMPro. The CPU consumption increases rapidly if you take more than one reverb.

For really complex boards RMPro is too heavy. On the flipside you can take out lots of plugins of you board after pluging the RMPro (e.g. compressor, EQ etc.). In about 60% of my pedalboards it works. With one word: It is a cool plugin and I love it!


For anyone on the fence, our lovely MOD team released a video about the plugin.


Is there a further explanation of the different profiles and what they mean? Essentially I’d like to use this on the master insert on my Allen and Heath Xone 96 Mixer. I do synth and drum machine performances and this would really come in handy to come out with a cleaner mix. Something that would be awesome to add or think about for a future update would be the ability to add a master filter, possibly a DJ style one. That would make this a go-to for live synth performers in my opinion.

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@Kennymester , have a look at the OpenAV Filta plugin, it is pretty much a DJ style master filter (combined lowpass and highpass, with knob set to the middle position being neutral).


Is there a way to reset the knob back to the middle with a button push? I’m assigning the filter to a MIDI knob with no center detent?

There is nothing implemented for that specifically, but what I do myself is one of the following:

  1. map the bypass switch, so that I can bypass it to kill the filter, then turn the knob back to the middle position manually, and then unbypass to have it ready for the next filter movement.
  2. map the bypass switch as a momentary-on toggle, so that the filter is only active as long as you have the button/footswitch pressed.