Release 1.9.3

Hello everyone, another bugfix update for the 1.9 series is here - v1.9.3 aka “Updates still in stock, get them now!”

This is a collection of fixes, mostly useful for Duo X units.
They are important enough that we decided to make a new v1.9 series release before the bigger v1.10 that is yet to come.

Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

Here’s the full changelog:

  • Fix support for a few early Duo NAND units with mainline kernel
  • Fix boot phase stuck on MOD logo (Duo X only)
  • Fix USB disconnect event on macOS (Duo X only)
  • Fix audio host crash when loading certain plugins (Duo X production units only)
  • Reduce headphone “pop” during boot (Duo X production units only)

The next time you open the MOD web interface you’ll receive an update notification.
Just click on the tooltip icon in the bottom-right when that happens, then ‘Download’ and finally ‘Upgrade Now’.
Wait for a few minutes while the MOD updates itself automatically.

We hope you’re enjoying your MOD Duo and/or MOD Duo X.
Let us know if you find any issues.


Hi my modduo seems to have issue when updating to Downloading is correct but now I’have the message “Auto update in progress please wait” on the screen of my computer and “starting update please wait” in the modduo, for abour half an hour. What can I do?

I had the same. (An error message that something is not working would be helpful to calm me down).
I installed it manually as described here: MOD does not boot. (By the way this “(on the Duo X use the left endless-knob and the 1st button from the bottom-left)” is a torture until you see the blue light).

@pgobin and @khz did you manage to solve the issue?
I suggest you try a manual update (check how to do it here)

Please let us know if you were successful.

For me everything works after I reinstalled it as described in my post above. :smile:
For me the additional problem was MOD DUO X hardware controls freezed.

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Is anyone else having massive problems with this release? I upgraded my Mod Duo X this morning and was plagued by it locking up multiple times during band practice. Sometimes it would just start outputting horrible sounds, other times it would lock up when scrolling through menus, other times would just freeze shortly after restarting. It was unusable and we had to just abandon practice early… :frowning:

Mine works well well so far after the update. Have used it ca. 30mins since then…

I’d be curious to see if it lasts longer. I used it for about an hour and then all hell broke loose and it was unusable after multiple reboots.

Sorry to hear that! All good with my (Kickstarter) unit. Left it on all afternoon and toyed around with the knobs occasionally … nothing unexpected happened.

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Hi @mark_melvin,
I’m really sorry to learn about your bad experience with the update.
Have you tried to reinstall the firmware?
If not, please follow the instructions to manually do it on this wiki page.
Keep us posted if it solved your issues.

Thanks for the reply. I just went through the process of manually updating my firmware and it behaves the same. All I need to do to make it freeze up pretty much immediately is to:

  • Press and hold left knob to get to Settings
  • Select Banks
  • On the right select one of my pedalboard banks
  • Scroll the right knob up and down 5-10 times

The ModDuoX freezes up every time.

It also will work for awhile if I do not access settings but eventually it either freezes and outputs a horrible noise (telltale sound of outputting the same data over and over from an unchanging audio buffer), or it will gradually just start to develop a horrible crackling in the 2nd output channel which is annoying and unusable.

And I just reverted the firmware to the previous version and it works fine. Can’t make it freeze.

Thanks for describing the steps. This helps us a lot trying to replicate the issue.

Can you tell me if it also freezes outside of the banks menu, but still on settings?
If it’s just on your pedalboard banks, does it freeze with any particular pedalboard? Or do you have any particular plugin that you use all the time?

I was having issues simply while playing - it locked mid-song and output a horrible noise. It happened on more than one patch. I made a backup - would it help to have this so you can load it on a unit and test that?

It does not hurt to try to reproduce on our side, so please do. Thanks

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Here you go:


I’ve found a new annoying bug, while I was creating a new patch for live-set. The pedalboard looks like this.

All snapshots assigned to the Endless Knob, after some time interface of ModDuoX not responding or starting to be really laggy. Like I have huge latency between knob rotation and response to it. Web GUI still accessible. Reboot solving this.

OS ver


what browser are you using?

does it keep happening if you leave the web UI open for 30m-1h?
If so, I have an idea of what the issue is…

I’ve tried with and without USB>PC connection. Result is the same. But I’m using Opera. And I don’t know about timing. I played around with the patch more than 30min for 100%