Release 1.13.0 (Dwarf only, beta testing)

Hello all. As we are slowly getting things ready for a public 1.13 release update, we would like to extend an early testing phase to interested people in the community.

There are 2 big changes on the 1.13 series:

  • separation of factory vs user data content
  • update of the base compiler + toolchain

The first is the most obvious to all users, while the 2nd is mostly useful for developers (specially those needing a C++17 compatible environment) but such big deep change can have side-effects so we want to verify everything works as much as possible.

For now this update test phase is only for Dwarf users.
Some of these changes apply to other units, but testing for those will be done during the usual RC phase.

Contrary to other test releases, users on the testers group (also known as “group 1”) will not automatic updates to these builds.

There are also no manual download links, intentionally. We activate auto-updates to these test builds on a per-unit basis so that anyone doing the testing can easily and quickly get fixes rolling. We do not want users to stay behind on a test build where bugs within it have already been fixed.

Anyone interested on getting early access to these builds please send a private message to me with your Dwarf serial number.

This 1st post will have an updated changelog by order of build date release (latest stuff on bottom)


2023-01-27 Initial Build

  • NEW: Split factory and user pedalboards and banks
  • Auto-delete banks.json and pedalboards in user data when they match factory content
  • Add a few handy modgui javascript utilities (get_custom_resource_filename, get_port_index_for_symbol, get_port_symbol_for_index), bump API version to 3
  • Add plugin-specific “aidadspmodel” file type
  • Add Bluetooth and WiFi firmware
  • Adjust UAC2 gadget name and buffering details
  • Allow “see discussion” button on plugin information dialogs
  • Fix Duo name in Duo X and Dwarf zeroconf service names
  • Fix pedalboard screenshot generation
  • Log exceptions thrown by modgui javascript code
  • Speed up pedalboard listing
  • System-level tweaks to make CPU load more consistent
  • Update Duo and Dwarf kernel to 6.1.7
  • Update base compiler and toolchain to gcc9 and glibc2.38

2023-02-03 Build 3044

  • Fix regressions regarding bank/pedalboard management
  • Send “end” event to modguis just before deletion

2023-02-06 Build 3047

  • Fix off-by-one offset in bank/pedalboard management

2023-02-09 Build 3050

  • Even more fixes to bank/pedalboard management
  • Allow to privately share a pedalboard (new checkbox in share dialog)
  • Fix toggle and trigger handling in device controller

Some screenshots to show the new stuff.

User and Factory pedalboard separation:

Similarly on the Banks view:


I like the separation of User Pedalboards! Always got lost in the old setup and then want to delete all the Factory pedalboards, even though they are nice to have as a reference. This really helps!

One thing I’m experiencing though is that when I change a plugin parameter there is a short delay before I hear the change. Tried several plugins and each time there is like 500ms - 1s delay before I hear the effect.
Turning a plugin on/off is instant.

Any other testers getting this?

Another issue I found (not sure if v1.12 had this issue): If I map a toggle to a Dwarf knob the HMI always displays off even though it toggles on when I press (or turn) the knob (or change it in MOD-UI).


Oh God!!!
Thanks for that. :star_struck:


Great! I’ll test it this weekend.

Just a doubt… should the plugins be uninstalled and installed again to be build in the new base compiler + toolchain? or this is done automatically? or it is not necessary at all?

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it is not necessary.
for backwards compatibility plugins that are able to do so should be compiled with the regular, old toolchain. only a few new ones actually need the new stuff, we just need to be prepared for it before they come

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Works fine so far. Only thing I notice is that when assigning On/Off kind of switch to a device knob, the action is done but the status is not updated in the device. If I assign it to a button works fine.


I can reproduce it and have made a ticket for it. Thanks!


Hi, this is another bug I found. Not sure if it happens only with this new release.

In any Delay plugin when the Time is depending on the global BPM and assigned to a knob. The assigned Tempo (1/4, 1/16,…) is lost when changing the page or subpage. After that, any change on the global BPM causes the plugin to work with a wrong time. This is quite annoying, and makes the MIDI sync mode not usable, as the BPM is calculated all the time and it is not possible to assign any different tempo on the delay.

I tried different Delay plugins: MDA DubDelay, Gaffa, Modulay and tremolos and it happens with all, so I suppose something on the MOD side.

One hint, I suppose, is that it does not happen in the session you save the pedalboard, but in all the rest.
Update: it just does not happen in the session you save in the Mod-ui the Time assignation (even if you don’t save the pedalboard).


related to this, if you try to save any pedalboard with a time translated to tempo assigned to a knob in the dwarf itself, the controller display stops working correctly (empty assignations) all the times…


New build 3044 published, fixes regressions regarding bank/pedalboard management


Can you tell more about this? What’s this supposed to mean?

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It means more bluetooth and wifi usb sticks will work out of the box, without needing to manually place firmware files inside the unit’s system to get it to work


New build 3047 published, fixes more issues regarding regarding bank/pedalboard management (mainly some entries were handled with an off-by-one offset)


New build 3050 published, even more fixes to bank/pedalboard management, fix toggle and trigger handling in device controller and as extra allow to privately share a pedalboard (new checkbox in share dialog)


Any ideas yet about the HMI bug that @fer and I reported?

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the on / off toggle behaviour? that is fixed now


Now I feel dumb. Just tried this latest update, mapped a toggle switch (like a plugin bypass) to a knob and it works fine (HMI updates, works both ways).

@falkTX check, and yes! :slight_smile:


This is very handy!
Can we revert that after is published and make it visible to the public feed?

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Not at the moment, but if you ask nicely I can do it manually. :blush: