ReedD Peavey VK100 HEAD HIGAIN Lead Channel

HI REED DUNN here with my First upload for MOD site!

ReedD VK100 personal setting.json (199.4 KB)

This is my second capture of my Vk100 this one is from my Neural Amp Modeler training NAM captures re trained for AIDA-X. More to Come.pretty heavy tone that i use on my amp.just past half for eq on sweet spots.and 3/4 for dampening and presence. lead channel with gain boost and volume type dial is fully left for that extra power to the lead channel pre amp tubes. I hope you enjoy. only wish i have is for a noise gate in AIDA-X but i can easily use a fee one like GVST - GGate before AIDA-X works great.!!!KEEP IT LOUD!!!


Thanks for sharing @ReedDunn

Not sure I understand the above. Is it an AIDA model trained from a NAM existing model or did you just use the same audio captures you used previously for NAM?

i keep my audio input and output wave files for training with NAM and then I can also take those rename them for AIDA-X. both use the same input wave except AIDA-X is longer training wave with added parts like guitar etc… kind of cool to know i only have to record the files once. then can save and use for Both Trainers.

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Very good!!Thanks!!

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thanks @ReedDunn. Sounds really great and has a looot of gain - I like it.
A noise gate is on the list of things to add to the plugin.

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The AIDA-X team has released the AIDA-X Cloud:

Would you upload your models there? :pray: