Recording into gen~

Hi, is it not possible to record audio into gen~? Looks like the buffer can only live outside of gen~.

I am working on a project similar to a looper. This requires to record into a buffer. Did I overlook something?

Thanks, Hans

Hi Hans, yes you can .

Poke and Peek are your friends ! you can write and read the data object inside gen~ with a counter.
That’s how my plugin MIRRORZ plays backward works

Check out this tuto :slight_smile: Tutorial: gen~ for Beginners, Part 4: Working with buffers (and data) | Cycling '74

All the best


great, let me check! Both in the Max examples and in Gregory’s tutorials buffer was always referencing a buffer~ object outside of gen~. So if it works it would be a gamechanger! ;-))


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For me it was also unclear at the beginning…but if you read carefully Gregory’s tuto you’ll see:

" Note: The techniques for playback we’ll be looking at here work for both the buffer and data operators in your gen~ patcher, although I’m going to be focusing on the buffer operator."

So you’ll have to use the “data” object inside Gen~ :
i.e “poke Blabla” to write and “peek Blabla” to read the content of “data Blabla”


…“data” is the buffer

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delighted to see this little hint… thanks, guys!

p.s. i moved this thread into the max/msp category, where gen~ discussion has been occurring. :innocent:

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yep, works. Thanks!!