MIRRORZ plays backward

MIRRORZ plays backward the last chords/ melody you just played

You can find the files here:

And a demo here:

@Mod team
let me know if it’s possible to push it to the Beta

Audio IN is permanently recorded in a 32 seconds buffer (normal speed) the TRIGGER function of MIRRORZ allows you to play backward the last chords/ melody you just played, same for the LOOP function but looped.


That is so cool, @zwabo !

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Sounds awesome! This is your first plugin… just wow. Thanks a lot! :+1:


can you share the generated cpp and h file that max gen exports?
that would allow to build it as part of some project. best would be to setup something based on GitHub - moddevices/max-gen-skeleton: Skeleton for creating Max gen~ based plugins so building would be a simple “make”.

are you able to do it, or do you need help?
perhaps this is something the community can help out with too


Yes for sure I certainly need help…
But first of all:
As I did changes in the -ttl file after running:
$ cd /path/to/max-gen-deploy/
$ ./mod-build.sh
and getting the tar.gz file, the cpp and h file won’t be ok, am I wrong ?

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those steps are fine to get a binary out, but not useful to make things again for other architectures or testing.
the full source is needed if you want to push this to beta.


OK, so here are the files:


Ok so I have setup a new repository on github for cases like this.
Please have a look at GitHub - moddevices/max-gen-plugins: Collection of MAX gen~ based audio plugins used in MOD Audio and let me know if it makes sense for you.

We can do this in a way so that, if you need to push an update, you fork the repository and change the files in the max-gen-plugins/plugins/zwabo-mirrorz at main · moddevices/max-gen-plugins · GitHub folder.
Github even provides ways to edit these files directly from the web browser, so it can be doable even if one does not really understand how git works. You seem to be quite okay with it, which is nice to see.

Let me know what you think!


Yes nice , it seems easier for me , thanks a lot for your help!


Sorry to bother you with this again, but do I have to do something more to ask you tu push it in the Beta store ?

Nothing more to do on your side, not much anyway.
I need to take some time to finalize the details that allow those custom properties you were using.
Will try to get it done this week.


Ok, thanks.

Plugin pushed to beta!