Ranked by CPU usage


This has probably been discussed already but is there a list where the plugins are ranked by CPU usage?

Another thing to note would be if the plugin eats up resources only when turned on.
And maybe a range, if the plugin can run in a power saving mode so to speak.

I just swapped 2 plugins for equivalents that are twice as less power demanding… that would be a useful resource…




I have seen this kind of request somewhere but I don’t think there’s such a list. We may take advantage of your thread to organize something so that the users can create this data.

We could discuss a standard method to measure the CPU usage (like putting a plugin alone in an empty pedalboard). And we could create a wiki page with tables for each category of plugins. The header could look like this :

| Plugin (with version) | Duo | Duo X | Dwarf |

There would be a possibility to sort each column.


I started doing just that now.l, for a dozen of plugins. Only the result is not online.


This will be generally useful, but there should be a lot of caveats, as the CPU meter isn’t a complete view of resource usage. For example, several plugins use background processing. If I add a single IR cab sim, I see a 20% jump in CPU usage, but if I add a second IR cab sim, it doesn’t add an additional 20%. I see maybe a 5-10% jump in my setup. I have seen this with some non-IR reverbs (Aether in beta comes to mind) as well.

I’m not trying to discourage the effort, though :slight_smile: Do it!


So maybe a t shirt size bucketting ?
Some colour coding, green orangre red or something


LOL yeah! I like that. I think that also has some built-in ambiguity :slight_smile:

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This is super interesting thought. I realise Collision Drive and Super Whammy are both power demanding (not a suprise) but only when turned on.
And because I am don’t really want to run them both at the same time, I am now trying to find a way to have one shut down the other automatically…
ie if the whammy is on, turning on the drive should shut the whammy down…
This is driving me mad :slight_smile:

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you can do this with the Control to CV plugin. Here’s an example. In this pedalboard, I have the Control to CV flip the enable/bypass state of 2 switches. It’s not exactly what you mention, but it does alternate the state of 2 plugins.

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You may also need the Attenuverter Booster (multiplier = -1; mode = linear) to invert the CV signal of the Control to CV. The Control to CV is assigned to a plugin and the Attenuverter is assigned to the other so that they have an opposite behavior.


I still cannot get what I want… The best I have found is drive the on off button of the whammy and collision with this… but then this switchbox control is not exposed as CV nor midi… I am stuffed !


I tested my idea and yours and they both work. I can turn on a plugin and turn off another one at the same time by pressing a footswitch on the the Dwarf. I don’t understand the problem.

Could you explain more precisely what you mean ?


Ok so here is what I want.
From a clean sound:

I want to turn on the distortion, 1 want to press 1 button.

Then from there, I want to turn on the whammy and turn off the distro with 1 button

Then finally I want to go bacl to clean sound with one button.

I cant do that…

I suppose with your solution you flip from one to the other, but have you got a way to turn both off ?

Put it another way:

I want 1 button to turn on off the whammy, another button to turn on off the distortion.
But also, in the background, when I turn one of those on, lets say the whammy, while the distortion is on, I want the distortion to be turned off, without any extra tap dancing.

Yet another way to put it:
I want to put somme effects in an exclusive group, where there can be only one of them at any one time. Turing one on will force any other that might be running to be turned off.


I find this a really cool initiative @funkypou! Please let me know if there’s something from our side that you would need.
I would in advance say that this coming from the community will release some overload from our side and get it out quite faster. Win-win kind of situation, I believe :slight_smile:

I have a couple of pedalboards where I had the same need and I do this. Basically, a flick of a switch turns on a couple of effects and off other ones.

And use one of the Dwarf footswitches to swap between that? And a single one?

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Not really, I dont want to flip between one effect to another.

What I want is to group effects in a mutually exlusive sub group.

As mentioned, in terms of switches, it all looks as if there were nothing special.

One button to switch on off each effect.
But, when I turn one on, anyother from that group that is running is automatically shut down.

Thanks @jon. On the wiki side, I will try to handle that on my own. I’ll let you know if I have problems. But any piece of advice in choosing a standard method to measure the CPU usage of a plugin is welcome.

OK, that’s clearer now. I’ll let you know if I find a way.


Okay thanks, I will keep trying also, with something based on logical cv gates…


you can use a 2-to-1 and 1-to-2 switch pair to effectively make a “loop” and a CV control to enable/bypass that loop. Then, use another CV control to swap the enable/bypass of the distortion and whammy. When I get a chance today, I’ll post an example pedalboard. It will be a variation on this pedalboard. The difference will be that the loop being switched will not include the 2nd output of the Dwarf.


Oki… and then a varation for n plugins in the loop, witn n>2 :slight_smile: lets study what you just said first.

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That will be harder. I think there’s a 4-to-1 switch in the beta store, but I can’t recall off the top of my head. I’ll leave that as a challenge :laughing:

What I have in mind for having more than 2 is reasoning, not on turning the effect on, but rather how it can be turned off:
Either with its switch going off, or any other switch from the group being switched on.
That’s easy to do, and then take the inverse of that. That is my idea loosely put.