Radiohead Karma Police ending


this is one of my first experiment with the Dwarf. The idea is to mimic the outro sound in Karma Police.

It is a digital delay forced to self oscillate (feedback to 100%) and an expression pedal or a slider is used to modulate the delay period.

As a bonus, to start messing with CV stuff, I arranged a chain to reset the feedback of the delay at the end of the rehearsal

For sure there will be better ways to achieve this, please help me to get better.

Just one note: at first I tried using the Guitarix Digital Delay plugin, but it is not able to self oscillate, also with 100% feedback. I have then tried to set feedback to 0 and connect the input and the output of the effect, with terrible aftermaths :smiley:


The output feedback loop to input is one of the great features of the system, but you should insert a Volume plugin and start carefully…

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…fitter, happier, more productive… :sweat_smile:
Nice work!