Publishing currently loaded snapshot and more for controller integration

Since I have my Dwarf I am struggling for a way to control it without having to dance some tip-tap while playing.

I bought a chocolate pedal, built my own PedalinoMini and built a more complex “two button controller” on my PC which also do some ssh on the dwarf to read as much as possible about the current state (bank and pedalboard can be retrieved from /root/data/last.json and from there you can get the list of the snapshots of the current pedalboard and possibily name and numbers of the plugins parameters bound to midi). BUT it is all a hack, I don’t like it and it introduces some latency.

It would be great if the unit could publish to some detail such information, with possibly some more (e.g. the current snapshot number) …

If I understand correctly Control Chain was supposed to have a closer integration with the system but the at the moment the only CC device foreseen on the market is the pedal, which is not what I need. And the arduino library on which I relied is out of date.

I am considering a plugin providing some info via midi (es PC or sysex for the currently loaded pedalboard and snapshot?) or OSC, but I can’t find any way to read the name og the current shapshot.

Any hint?


I noticed just now this thread

It seems that with some automation (CV and so on) the mindi plugin could be used to share the current configuration with external stuff

I will have a look at it.