Mindi + External Midi Footswitch to Switch Snapshot

Hello Team,

Can you please help me.
Ive tried several ways of using the Mindi plugin but still not able to use with an external midi pedal (fbv shortboard line6)- it appears that once i save the settings it starts bugging.

I have 3 Snapshot (1. Clean 2. OD 3. Solo)
I have set Mod settings to Channel 2 for Snapshot
Ive set the Mindi to Channel 1 and in Program Change mode
Mindi Was set ON
First attempt was to set assign footswitch on the External Pedal (Sending midi cc via USB) to control the Note/CC/PG number in the mindi and setting it to move from 0 to 1 in the advanced setting of the Mindi

Testing from Pedal Board worked.
But as soon as i connect the Mindi to the Virtual loopback- it works only once and then turn off automatically.

I’m not sure it’s the only problem you asked for a solution, but :

  • since Mindi is a plugin
  • and since a snapshot fixes the state of all the plugins
  • then if you aks withe Mindi to change a snapshot its state in this snapshot will be reinstored
    It may explain why it goes back to its 1st state ?

A workaround is to put the Mindi plugin after you’ve saved your 3 snapshots, so its state won’t be stored in the snapshot
Another one is to save your 3 snapshot with the right PC message

I hope I’ve understood your problem correctly


Yes Dude :slight_smile:
Many thanks :slight_smile:
It was each snapshot which was storing individual States but now its ok:)

Shared it here for future users :slight_smile:
If you got any advise to improve further - thanks beforehand :slight_smile: