Problem with DWARF

I have a problem: while I was working on a pedal board all of a sudden the display went without backlighting and purple central(B) led turned on. I have turned the DWARF off and on again but now I cannot connect to moddwarf.local

Well I managed to connect but I wonder why the display no longer had the backlight and why the central led was lit with purple color :thinking:

That is basically a crash of the controller firmware.

Do you recall the last few steps you did before this happened?

I was using knobs 2 and 3 and maybe I pressed them and at the same time I must have touched one of the keys 2 or 3 (manual keys not the footswitches), but I don’t remember what I was setting. The DWARF audio worked but in addition to what I have already written it did not respond to any commands.

If it helps, I can reliably crash this everytime with the following three steps, using the out-of-the-box A Warm Welcome setup:

Press A (to get page 2/2)
Press B+C (to get Snapshots menu)
Press C

This hangs the UI with purple centre LED.

Confirmed that this particular repro is fixed with Release 1.12.1 (21 Dec 2022), but might be unrelated to @LorisDonatelli original issue.


This has been fixed in 1.12.1, make sure to update.
Also, please do not post the same thing on multiple threads


anyhow the issue with snapshots is known and has already been fixed.
would be best to first see if there are any updates before reporting an issue.
only if the issue remain then it should be reported

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