Polyphonic Pitch to Midi

Hey everyone. I’ve been working on a new plugin to create ambient washes under my guitar. It does this via a polyphonic pitch to midi converter that tracks what you play and plays harmonically relevant notes underneath. It doesn’t aim to track every note, such as the boss sy-1 or the EHX synth-9 pedals. Instead, it will play at a much slower pace, kind of like a reverb that follows your playing.

Right now it’s in a early state, and good enough for what I want to use it for. I’m wondering if anybody else would be interested in it? It would need a bit of cleaning up before it would be useable, but if enough people are interested then I’ll put some work in.

You can hear a sample here https://soundcloud.com/chris-nicholls-986962728/synth-pad (for some reason, I can’t upload via the share pedalboard function).


This is a great concept and I would love to try it with a piano sound. This would enable for example synth voices reacting to playing an acoustic piano. Curious about how good the tracking is…
thumbs up, I’m in!

Tracking is deliberately slow (or smooth, if I where to market it better). I was trying to create an effect that would slowly track the underlying chord structure as I strum, but wouldn’t try to follow every extra note and embellishment. If you play a chord, and then a few notes on top, then it should keep the original chord, as long as what you play fits over it.

It’s designed to sit under my guitar like a reverb, but without the problem of reverb trails of one chord clashing with a new one. I think it does a pretty good job of this.

There are other pedals that do very fast and accurate tracking but that wasn’t what I’m after. For example, I have a Meris Enzo that does a really great job of tracking, as do electro Harmonix and the boss sy pedals, but they track so closely that it gets a bit busy.


That sounds amazing. Would definitely be interested in having a play around.

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Hi, sounds great. Looking forward to it being available.



Nice job @Chris_N! This will be a nice addition to my ambient setup as well! Does it take a lot of CPU?

Right now, yes. It’s ok for my setup, since it’s the only thing I really.use the duo for. This is one of things I’m addressing before releasing. I’ve got most of the functionality working properly now, so optimisation will be what I’m working on next.


Pedalboards can only be shared when the plugins are available in the Plugin Store.

If you’d like to publish your plugins we would love to do so.

@BramGiesen can help you with that.

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This is a very cool plugin! Hope to be able to play with it one day!

Something that would be very neat would be to add random appegiations mode in addition to ‘pad’ mode as demonstrated in the clip. here’s a song by bill frisell which demonstrates what i am thinking of. I’m not sure how he accomplished it in this song ( maybe just judicious use of a looper) but it seems like your plugin could likely have a mode ( add a mode selector and tempo dial) to do similar things
which would be very cool i think. https://youtu.be/2x6dM7hmVIo

If it’s worked out, it’ll be fine. I want to try it. I had this idea for a long time, but I didn’t understand how to implement it, you’re good! There’s a wah pedal Dunlop 535Q coming to me, I’d like to try this experiment with it.

With big thanks to @BramGiesen, there is a beta version of the plugin available in the plugin store!

This version of the plugin does not include the midi functionality; instead it uses built in oscillators to create an audio output. There will be a midi version coming later.

I would love to hear some feedback and suggestions for improvement. This plugin has very much been designed for what I want it to do so please let me know if there are ways it can be improved for you. In fact, making this effect was actually the reason I bought the Mod Duo a few years back, but I have only recently got to the point of having a working plugin.

You can find it here: https://pedalboards.moddevices.com/plugins/aHR0cHM6Ly9naXRodWIuY29tL0NocmlzLU5pY2hvbGxzL3dhdmVzLWx2Mi1ydXN0


I installed it in a pedalboard the other day (must’ve been RIGHT when it was added!) and I really enjoy it! I have a few things I think it’ll be perfect for. :slight_smile:

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installed it, tried it, instant fun

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@domlo that sounds great! It’s cool to hear it working for keys, I’ve only tried it on guitar myself.

I tried detuning it a bit - it really only works well on 440Hz.
The plugin is awesome - but that limits it to mostly midi stuff for me. Main instrument=Sax, so mostly out of tune :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Maybe in the future there’ll be a “fine tuning” knob to enable 443Hz e.g.
Going even further, there could also be an option to include slightly out-of-tune tones?

I’m droning (haha) on, in any case - awesome plugin!

This plugin seems to no longer be available… at least I can’t find it in the plugin store, beta or otherwise…

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We moved the plugin, it has a new name and branding.
Searching for “Pitch CV” on the store with beta enable will show it.
Target is to push it to stable very soon, it is mostly just the GUI that needs a little update now, we have finalized the rest (including pitch tracking). Still only monophonic though


How to enable beta plugins in search?

it is an option on the advanced settings part of the web gui.

Also, for trying on a desktop and other things, code is at https://github.com/DISTRHO/PitchTrackingSeries
Same as with the previous version, it uses an output CV port so most DAWs won’t be able to do much with the plugin.

Related to this, I am considering adding a desktop GUI to it, just need to think of a good way to show all the info the plugin can give.