Plugin request

Can I make a request for an auto-wah plug in please? :slight_smile: Something along these lines:

would also work if a variable LFO was added as a control source to one of the existing wahs. :wink:

We got puredata patches working as plugins, so this should be pretty straight forward once we finish this part.

The project in question is this one:
Just needs some small fixing and to be automated in some way.

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what about fomp autowah or CAPS Auto-Filter?

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both of those are triggered by velocity/amplitude, not LFO… they’re both fab (I use them) but want a time based one as well :slight_smile:

oh I see. The CAPS one has an LFO but its a fractal oscillator so it may not be what you want.
I know the rakarrack wahwah has an LFO but its not in the stable plugins list. Not sure what issues it has that makes it unstable on MOD. I’m the maintainer though so if you are able to install it and try it out let me know what you find.

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Hi @ssj71

We have great interest in the Rakarrack suite but we have not enough resources to maintain them.

If you are willing to maintain also the builds for the Duo we’d gladly add them to the stable set :slight_smile:

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Aha! I’d forgotten about the LFO in the Caps one. Tried it on the first day I had the MOD and dismissed it as not quite what I’m looking for. I’ve got it hidden away in the middle of a weird ambient patch, but had forgotten what it did!

Would be ideal if I had a switch in it for a regular LFO as well as the fractal one. And a gain control, cos it drops the level a lot (that I remember was my other problem with it - I couldn’t have it set to turn off and on because of the level drop…


Great to hear. I haven’t taken the time to test each effect thoroughly since there are so many and I haven’t had much feedback from users. When my Duo arrives soon I’ll start testing and adding them slowly to the store. Once I get up to speed hopefully they will come quickly.

@solobasssteve I’ll see if I can get the rakarrack wahwah in the stable category soon, it has lots of options for LFO shape, but my DUO is still in the mail and I’m guessing it will be a couple weeks at least after I receive it before I’ve got everything figured out.

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What I was wondering: Wouldn’t it be more efficient to have one plugin which generates sequences of MIDI commands and then plug that into the Wah pedal for example? We could then be able to sweep parameters on a timed basis for all plugins. The most obvious one would be a tremolo effect, but I would love to experiment varying amounts of distortion and highs (EQ).

Oh well… It’s been almost four months abroad and I look so much forward to playing with the little blue box of glorious LV2 tones!

well, yes, but the plugins discussed already exist, and only will require some small changes if any (perhaps just testing). What you are talking about might take some backend work and definitely a whole GUI/user experience design. I’d really prefer CV control over midi since midi is so low resolution. As slow as I’ll be getting a plugin in the store, I think CVs are a lot further out. I’d love to be wrong about that though.

Once that support is there, there are already plugins to generate LFOs or envelope followers and they could be put onto mod. I imagine they’ll be there eventually.


I went ahead and made a github feature request for it, so it won’t get forgotten. If you have additional input feel free to add it there.


the MOD Duo already supports CV :smiley:

if you add an LV2 plugin with CV ports the GUI will show them - they are orange - and connect properly.

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Sorry, @ssj71 but you lost me… immediately in the beginning. Are you saying that with minor code changes I would be able to vary distortion/EQ/…-parameters with a sine shaped function?

Whaaaaaat?! :smiley: That’s great news! Now we just need AMS.lv2 ported. And a way to make any plugin parameter into a CV port.

@eggsperde well, in some ways yes it wouldn’t be impossible to change plugins to have an LFO, (they are open source). But what I really meant is that there are already plugins that do the specific task Steve asked about and that will probably be a quicker solution than a feature added to mod that allows LFOs for any parameter. But with what Gian informed me, maybe not.

I’m really excited to get my duo and finally see exactly what it can and can’t do.


@ssj71 ams-lv2 plugins already work as-is.
Not sure if they’re are on the unstable side of the store yet. but you can build them using mpb.

We haven’t really done testing with CV plugins, so if you get them working let us know how it goes.

I hoped so! You guys are awesome.

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has anybody here actually used pdlv2 and then built for MOD? i.e. do we know if there’s a functional PD->MOD path?

thanks much… cheers!

I used pdlv2 successfully before, submitted some needed changes to build it with a cross-compiler.

Currently we cannot use more than 1 instance of the same plugin (because a libpd shared lib instance can only be loaded once).
We need to find a solution for this…

hmmmm… sure do need that solved. i can see lots of multiple-instance scenarios in my use case.

Hey, everybody,

I’m a Bass player and I’m looking for some plugins. I’ve been perusing around the plugins and the forums, but haven’t found a definitive answer.

I’m looking for a compressor pedal and a quick responding pedal for volume swells. I will keep playing with the slowgear and have already gotten a suggestion for getting that to do what I want. I’m just beginning (got it yesterday!) and am looking forward to some awesome experimenting!


Well, right now the compressor plugin situation is not the best.

I am not a big fan of the TAP Dynamics processor.

My port of one of my favourite compressors (see the forum thread New plugin: Molot Lite Mono) is done and I play with it, but right now it is not downloadable from the plugin section of the MOD.

Another great compressor would be the compressor of the Invada series. This plugin is not in the stable plugins right now (I don’t know really why - it works great).

If you want clean compression your best (and maybe only bet) right now is to use the TAP dynamics with a compressor or limiter setting. Here using the offset gain control is the key - so you can move around the fixed value for the compression (4:1 compression at -6db).

My favourite stable plugin right now is the TAP Sigmoid Booster. Don’t let the name misguide you - it works really well for compressing bass. It is not the cleanest compression you can get, but it works fine for me.

Slowgear didn’t work for me, but I don’t know the original pedal and so I don’t know if it’s just me.

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