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Thanks, I’ll try out the sigmoid booster. I wouldn’t have thought about trying that. I’m not sure how to set the TAPs dynamic to compressor mode. I’ll have to continue to look at that.

In regards to the volume swell, I actually found that the Plate reverb from CAPS can do a pretty good job of sounding like a bowed instrument when the mix knob is turned so that only the wet signal comes through.

In some oldschool Linux audio forum I’ve read that someone liked the TAP Sigmoid Booster for bass - so I’ve tried it and I am pretty happy with it.

Regarding the TAP dynamic plugin:
There is a drop down / combo box on the TAP dynamics where you can set the “function”.

If you look at the screenshot at it says “2:1 comp at -6db”.

This means a compression with the ratio of 2:1 at the threshold of -6db. There are some other functions there to choose from (some more compression and some limiting functions). The offset gain control is to move the threshold. If you select - 20db of offset gain this compressor works with a threshold of -26db.

I hope this makes the whole thing a little bit more clear for you and helps you with achieving your desired sound with the MOD…

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One more plugin to check out for bass is the TAP Tubewarmth plugin. I don’t really use it for compression, but a little bit of it to “fatten up” the sound works really nice for me.

After some compression, maybe a little bit of Tubewarmth and some EQ I get some pretty nice sounds out of my MOD.

I definitely like the plugins sigmoid and the tubewarmth! I think those will be on all my pedalboards.

I was mistaken in regards to fining the right bowed string sort of effect. My initial trials with the the reverb pedals just don’t give me what I am looking for as a bowed string effect. I wish I knew more about programming! if there are any programmers out there…what I would be looking for is something like the “attack” function on a POG2 pedal.

Despite this minor thing I can’t find, I am still very impressed with the DUO!

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Bowed string physics

One question to the dsp programmers in this forum. Is there a way to sawtoothify a guitar signal?

Hello everyone,

How about having a tiny toggle switch with 2 inputs and only 2 channels for each input?
I´ve just made a pedalboard with 2 signal chains and it seems a bit overkill having 2 toggle switches with 4 channels each and use only one of the channels to switch on and off.


I’m saving it on the requests list.
It should not be something super complicated. Yet it will require time that is a bit short with all the 1.11 features and work.



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