Plugin presets per pedalboard

When I find a set of settings that work well together, I add them as a plugin preset and then map the presets to a rotary control, to easily switch amongst them. What’s fun is that user plugin presets seem to live outside the pedal board and so, if i reuse that pluginon another pedal board, my presets are still present - yay !

The problem occurs when I use a utility plugins like the SwitchTrigger4 or ToggleSwitch4. I end up naming my preset for the effect on the pedal board (i.e. Activate Delay). Which only make sens for the pedal board in which it was defined.

Could we have a third category of plugin presets along with factory and user called “pedalboard” ? I could save my presets to the “pedal board” section.

Thanks, Erik.

p.s. also a switch box to “include or exclude” the factory presets would be nice…


If I understand your desired usage correctly, you should be able to achieve what you describe with a snapshot. They exist as a “child” of a pedalboard, and don’t span pedalboards. Snapshots can be named as well. Changing snapshots is also instantaneous.


…and to take the idea a bit further: how about the ability to select an arbitrary subset of presets for mapping to device/midi/cv in any particular instance of a plugin.

i often accumulate a sizable number of plugin presets, not all of which are applicable to any given pedalboard.

ideas like this, about preset “assign all” options, were added to the requests list back in 2017…



I do not think snapshots are solution. Snapshots are kind of similar to presets, however they are for whole pedalboard - whole set of plugins. I guess Erik wants to have pedalboard with multiple plugins and change presets for one plugin and keep settings of other ones. For example - you have pedalboard with distortion, delay and reverb. You have three different presets for delay, three different for distortion and three for reverb. You set rotary 1 to toggle between those 3 delay presets and rotary 2 to toggle between 3 delay presets and rotary 3 for reverbs - than you very can easily set any combination of those presets, however it would need 27 different snapshots to cover them all.

While ago there was a nice related topic about “sub-snapshots” - Aggregate presets with one controller


I agree completely that all these features would be very useful!

But considering the MOD to-do list and actual situation, I would say at least the possibility to assign the plug-in presets to CV could solve some of these problems. Probably not straightforward, but possible with some existing or new logic CV plugins…


So instead of having plugin-presets with the plugin, you want the preset with the whole pedalboard?

While conceptually I understand this desire (from a UX perspective it’s debatable if it would work) technically this would pose many problems.

The plugin preset belongs to the plugin specification (we use LV2 plugins in MOD), but the pedal-board concept is something that only exists on the MOD level.

So, an implementation would possibly need to extend the plugin specification (so that a plugin could have the notion of such a “pedalboard preset”). The technical work for something like this (that would possibly have a lot of loose ends on the UX side) would be very unlikely for the foreseeable future.

Of course someone could still take this idea and implement a PoC of this on top of the existing code, but I don’t expect MOD to work on an idea like this.

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I use CV to select presets for plug-ins like the Toggleswitch controlled by one of the rotary encoders because you get a good amount of space to see the name of the preset. However these names are permanent to the plug-in, not the pedalboard, so I sometimes make duplicate presets whose names are more logical for the particular pedalboard I am using. I wish I could customize the presets available to a plug-in for my pedalboards just like you can limit the values of a parameter in the advanced screen. You have a parameter that goes from 1 to 100, you can limit it to 1 to 50. I want to limit which presets can be selected for a given plug-in. That would make things way more flexible (in my opinion).