Aggregate presets with one controller

I find I use CV controls a lot, in order to have one controller on the device alter multiple parameters.
However selecting a preset can’t be done via CV.

I would love a way to have a single knob select a ‘global preset’, which selects various presets on a whole bunch of plug-ins.

That’s the way I work. For song 1, select these 5 presets on these 5 plug-ins. For song 2, select these other 5 presets. etc. etc.

Is there some other way to achieve this?


I must be honest with you. I believe that this is not possible, but I’m not 100% sure.
Anyway I will save it as a feature request.

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My only thought was that if presets could be selected via MIDI #CC or Program change, then a single knob could select these on a midi plug-in, which then sent the data to the various plug-ins.

However I understand this is a very esoteric feature request.

But I do believe the MOD DUO X is the perfect piece of gear for electronic musicians like me, who are not using it as a guitar pedal, but as a custom production environment for live performance. There will be more people like me buying this, and this is the type of feature I believe people will benefit from.

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Ok. Now I got it better. What you are requesting is actually possible already. Both for pedalboards or snapshots. Check out this chapter on the wiki. You can assign a MIDI channel to navigate though pedalboards and/or snapshots.

I think switching entire pedalboards wouldn’t be what I was looking for. Although I have never tested this. Pedal boards only update snapshots of the entire pedalboard right?

I have multiple signals going, internal generators, loops, etc. and don’t ‘clear all’ when switching songs, but do want to have multiple plug-ins where I want to change presets - without interrupting the signals.

Snapshots does what you’re looking for,unless there’s some component to your requirement that I’m missing…


Exactly what @solobasssteve said. As far as I understood what you want to achieve, using the snapshots will do exactly what you want. Basically with snapshots you keep the same pedalboard (same plugins, same signal chain, etc.), but you change the settings of each plugin.
With a system using switches, etc. you can even swap between signal chains (in the same pedalboard), select different inputs or even if you are feeding your effects with a guitar/bass or a synth (for example).

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I may be mistaken about the use case, but aren’t snapshots changing ALL values of the parameters of the pedalboard to certain values? I understood @S_Righteous wanted to cause the change of some parameters (but not all) to certain values.
E.g 3 parameters P1, P2, P3; when switching snapshot, P1, P2 get assigned a new value defined in the snapshot, but P3 stays to whichever value it was at before the change.
I understood that what I described is not doable with snapshot, is it?

That’s is a matter of workflow.
Snapshots just save new parameter values for the parameters that you set new parameter values. If you want certain parameters to not move between snapshots you simply save a snapshot without changing those parameters. If in another snapshot you need them to change, you just save it as a new snapshot.

I think the intention here is to allow to change some parameters, keeping their current state, while still load snapshots.
Basically provide an “ignore list” of plugins or parameters that snapshots should not touch.
That is how I understood it, I could be wrong…


Basically provide an “ignore list” of plugins or parameters that snapshots should not touch.

This is my understanding too. And something I would be keen for!


Yup, that is my understanding :smiley:

I would love to to be able to update a bunch of plug-ins in my pedalboard without updating or resetting all of them, so that no current signal is interrupted. I use a lot of loops with generators, and some stuff needs to change while other stuff continues seamlessly playing on.

I thought that plug-in presets could be selected via midi program change, and possibly I could wire up something that sends program changes to many plug-ins at once, but have yet to test any of this.

I haven’t had time to test snapshots, even though I probably won’t use them now, I want to know how they work in case they eventually become useful for me.

Also, I assume snapshots won’t work, because if I save A and B snapshots both with a particular plug-in having the same settings, those settings will be altered by me in performance, and I don’t want the change to snapshot B to reset those parameters, only to ignore that plug-in entirely.

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I agree that this would be very useful feature. I imagine that as “wrapping” more plugins into a one group and that being able to change different snapshots just for this group without affecting the rest of the pedalboard.

To bring some clear simple example (also to see if I understand the request of this topic) - I want to have my “modulation block” consisting of several plugins (delays, reverbs, chorus, etc.) and I want to have my “distortion block” with other bunch of plugins. Than I want to have 4 snapshots of my modulation block and 3 of my distortion block and switch them independently rather than snapshots of whole pedalboard with all different combinations of these.

There are surely workarounds with having duplicates of those blocks with different settings and switching the signal path, but that might be much less user friendly.


Hi Pavel. I’m glad you posted, because I thought my request was esoteric and not likely to be of interest to those using the Mod as a guitar pedal. But you bring up a very good example of how this feature would benefit those using the Mod with their guitars!

I also believe that other guitar gear does exactly what you describe.

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Now it makes more sense and I got it better. We will keep an eye and wonder about it for future improvements.