Pedalboard Presets: Features and Requests

Hello everybody.

As soon as I started using and testing the pedalboard presets I notice a bug that @falkTX promptly fixed but I think that we could use some features that are not present in this version.
I decided to start this topic so everyone can contribute with ideas and requests.

I could think of a few:

  1. Under the menu Presets>Load/Manage : Be able to change the order of the created presets
  2. Under the menu Presets>Load/Manage : Be able to assign presets individually to different actuators
  3. Under the menu Presets>Load/Manage : Be able to assign all presets simultaneously to both footswitches but one with the reverse order



I agree that there should be a way to assign a switch (duo or midi) so that we can go backwards in the list.

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how about click 1x to go forward, 2x to go backward? I’d like that for switches and knobs mapped to multiple parameters as well.


Request #1 seems simple enough, added to the backlog for a future release.

Request #2 is already in the backlog, it’s the same situation as individual plugin presets.
When one gets done, the other will be likely done as well.

Request #3 requires new actuator modes, we’ll discuss this on more detail later on.

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how about click 1x to go forward, 2x to go backward? I’d like that for switches and knobs mapped to multiple parameters as well.


I like your idea but I don´t think that clicking twice is going to work because we may want to keep going up on the list of presets. Maybe click and hold could be a better solution. What do you think?

My ideal setup would be to have separate footswitches for each direction. But since there are limited footswitches it would be nice to offer a 2x idea or a click-and-hold.

Can’t wait to get the MOD footswitch!


I’ve also been playing around with the presets and have some feedback. Everything below is with a IMHO disclaimer :slight_smile:

I’m assuming the main goal of the presets is to quickly switch between different parameters on the same pedalboard in order to avoid the short audio interruption while changing pedalboards. A typical use case is to have one pedal board per song/artist/style. In most of the cases one could get away with a wet/dry preset pair and in this case one footswitch is enough. For songs that demand a bigger amount of presets, we have to deal with the limited number of footswitches of the MOD. If in a pedalboard you need, say, 3 or more presets, things start to get confusing with only 2 footswitches, since the activation order is not necessarily linear. Being able to go backwards and forwards in this example wouldn’t help much if you need to jump between presets. Moreover, having more complex actuator sequences such as double click or click and hold would be confusing to me according to the KISS principle,specially when one is playing live. The best solution for complex preset arrangements could be solved with external MIDI controllers.

That being said, here are some additional suggestions from my side:

  1. I found the saving logics a bit confusing. “Save As” is useful as a replacement of “Add Preset” or “Copy Preset” and this would be more descriptive, specially if it is on the preset selection window.

  2. There is no warning for unsaved modified presets. It will simply be lost if you quit your pedalboard. One might argue if a warning is relevant or annoying here, but at least there should be some indication when the current configuration no longer matches the saved preset. For example with a (*) next to the preset’s name

  3. Preset saving does not save its assignment. This is achieved via the pedalboard “Save” button. Preset assignment could be automatically saved upon change.

  4. Is there a use case for th “Disable” menu? My first thought was that this would be something like an assignment to “None” and no more presets selectable of the web interface. It not only disables the presets for the current pedalboard but delete them all!

  5. One should be able to delete any presets as long as it is not the only one available. Currently the user is not able to delete the first preset. Example: you have the default preset and then create 2 more: wet and dry. Now you no longer want the default preset but you cannot delete it. This is more or less related with the re-ordering already mentioned above.

  6. Assigning the preset to the knob turn is not very useful for stage performances. Assigning it to the knob click could be more interesting as it would simulate a footswitch. On the other hand, it might not be very easy to press the knob with the feet because of the MOD’s handling bar. What do you think of that?

  7. MIDI control for preset loading.

  8. Being able to add/delete presets while having it assign to an actuator. This seems to be the case not only for the presets. For example, one can not change the switch state in the web interface if it is assigned to the MOD’s footswitch. I’m curious to know the reasons behind this constraint :slight_smile:

  9. In the advanced menu, one is able to change the preset group’s name, as it appears on the MOD’s display. I would maybe call it “extended” instead of “advanced” :slight_smile: Maybe it would be more meaningful to assign the pedalboard’s name by default instead of just “Pedalboard”. There is also a little bug here. When re-assigning the preset from a given actuator (say, footswitch) back to “None” and then back to an actuator again, the given name is lost and set back to “Pedalboard”.

  10. One thing I notice is the difference between pedal preset and pedalboard preset. In the pedal preset section there is the choice between factory and user but we can only assign all at to a specific actuator. I think it would make sense to make it possible to assign factory, assign user and assign all combinations. A workaround is to assign a pedalboard preset that changes only the pedal of interest to match the user preset. Interesting enough, by doing this and changing the selection with the actuator, the pedal seems to recognize the name/values set by the preset of the pedal board and adapt not only its parameters but the selection highlight of the internal preset as well.



This was done to keep the same wording as used in the pedalboard.
I agree it’s not the most descriptive one…

Noted. v1.3.1 will now tell you there are unmodified changes if you added, renamed or deleted a pedalboard preset since the last save.

This is intentional, the addressings are part of the pedalboard, they’re not a preset.
Making the addressing save automatically would make things inconsistent with the other addressings in the pedalboard.

The use case if that you might want to completely change the pedalboard after you enabled the presets.
With presets enabled an extra file will be created in the pedalboard data folder for the presets, and that file is loaded when the pedalboard loads.
Also the state of the presets is kept in memory if enabled.
So if you don’t need them, you should not enable them.

This makes sense, added as feature request on our backlog.

It’s the same situation regarding using lists with midi cc.
We’ll have to come up with a decision soon.
Once we allow lists to be used with midi cc, then this should work as well very soon afterwards.

This is a very complex situation.
Changing the list that it’s currently addressed can lead to some weird state if not planned for carefully.
At some point in the future we’ll revisit this, but in the end it’s a software limitation.

Makes sense, we’ll discuss this internally.

I agree, I’ll do some tests.
Perhaps something for v1.4.

The previous name you gave it is not saved anywhere, so this is normal.


hi All

concerning the 'midi control for preset loading’
does anyone know what the current status of this feature is ?


MIDI CC for item lists is not implemented yet.
But it’s on the backlog of tasks to be done.

Sorry for being a noob here, but I just wanted to clarify that the following are correct:

  1. There is no way to save knob/MIDI learn assignments for a particular plugin so that
    I can carry those assignments over for that plugin to other pedal boards that I create?

  2. There is no way those knob/MIDI Learn assignments can be saved in a preset which can be carried over to other pedalboards using the same plugin?

  3. Is there a way to automatically assign the knobs to parameters in a plugin (or pedalboard)? This would make the workflow much easier.

It seems like we have to set up knob/MIDI Learn assignments from scratch every time we create a new pedalboard, which seems very cumbersome. Any known workarounds?

Finally, does anyone know of a MIDI device that would provide feedback so that we know which parameter we’re adjusting after we make a MIDI learn assignment? I find myself reverting to the 2-knob setup only just so I know which parameter I’m tweaking.



The points already listed by @edwillys and @rogeriocouto cover my experiences. I’ve been building some pedalboards as a series of scenes / patches using the pedalboard presets to cycle through each state. The editing process in the web UI is painful.

Being able to re-order and insert within the list would be a huge help. Copy / duplicate a preset would also smooth the process. Longer-term, I’d suggest moving away from the modal dialog and instead displaying the presets as an inline panel in the pedalboard view. It is clunky to have to click through menus and dialogs every time to update a preset or switch to another during editing. Having a sidebar with the list of presets and buttons for Save, Add, Copy, Insert, Move,… would make it much easier than today to build up non-trivial preset lists quickly.


I share @unbracketed’s thoughts on pedalboard presets. I use sometimes more than 3 pedalboard presets per song.(Intro, Verse, Chorus, Verse2, Chorus, Bridge). To correcrtly label them (if I will) is not so comfortable.

This might be a better way of handling these and seem to be more user friendly.

Something weird/buggy/errratic I experienced while I made this pedalboard:
I assigned Footswitch 1 to Organ Overdrive On/Off. I assigned Footswitch 2 to my two pedalboard presets. Both pedalboard presets have turned OD a default. Regardless which pedalboard preset I’m in, a tip on FS2 changes to the other preset (with OD engaged as can be seen in the browser UI), but FS1 and its LED keep status off when switched off before.
So the footswitch status and its control led remain in one status while the pedalboard preset changes the associated control parameter.
If I turn on Footswitch1, OD stays engaged, so I don’'t worry…
I have a little experience in digital mixers. Someone would say that the status of the footswitch in the example above is “safe” beyond any parameter/preset/status change. Am I right?
This might be annoying for someone since the wiki does not give information about the saving/sharing/usiing pedalboard presets as well as plugin preset part.
By the way, if I share my pedalboard including plugins I made presets for, are those plugin presets shared as well or just the plugin states corresponding to the pedalboard preset?
Sorry if this last question goes too off-topic, so please show me a place where this might be answered before.

Greetings and God bless,

Pretty similar here. I’ve been starting to integrate looping too so mine are starting to look like: Record Bass, Play loop, Dub Rhythm, Play Loop, Stop Loop, Verse, Chorus, Play Loop, Verse…)

I’ll likely have some information soon about hand-editing pedalboard preset files :wink:

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lol @unbracketed… a bit OT, but:

yeah, lately i’ve often been pulling pedalboard files into emacs for setting up MIDI bindings, to avoid the clumsy MIDI-learn facility. …a nice browse-and-edit-parameter-assignments facility would sure be a good thing! :smiley: at the very least, we need a way to list all the parameter assignments in a board.


Please could you explain how you do that?

i’m on linux. at the command line, i grab the pedalboard ttl file with scp:

 scp root@ local_copy_of_my_pedalboard_name.ttl

(root password on the MOD is ‘mod’)

and, of course, substitute your pedalboard name everywhere for ‘my_pedalboard_name’! :slight_smile:
…then, pull that local copy of the ttl file into your favourite plain-text editor (i.e. emacs), search for ‘midi:binding’, and edit as you wish. the file syntax is pretty self-explanatory.

then, just scp the file back to the mod (with source and destination locations reversed), and reload the pedalboard.

easy! :sunny:


Thanks, that’s exactly what I wanted to know!


Hi @plutek

Could you share an example of the ttl file?

I’m using Mod + Mod UI Mod on an old notebook with a MIDI controller made with arduino and it would be great use the pedalboard presets.

Regards, Rod

so, for clarity, you’d like a ttl which shows a MIDI binding set to select pedalboard presets? let me know if that’s what you’re looking for! :slight_smile: