Pedalboard Presets: Features and Requests

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I did a test with a pedalboard setting some functions with the midi controller. However, as i don’t have a MOD Duo i can’t configure any knob (control) for the pedalboard presets


If I understand well, there is no way to assign a MIDI CC to each preset (snapshot)?

Correct, there is not currently a way for mapping to individual presets

I thing it’s more convenient to use a static number of preset “containers” (ex: four) and make possible to map actuators globaly to this containers. When the pedalboard is loaded the presets must be load to this containers (i.e. the first four in the list).
That way we can have a pedalboard per song and a preset (snapshot) per song part (ex: verse/bridge/chorus/solo).


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I don’t see any advantage in this presets, in live context at least, if we can’t use MIDI to change presets.

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Hello Guys
I´m using OS
Is the feature below have been or will be implemented? Is there any news on this?