Calling all MOD USERS… Win 50 Euro Credit in our plugin store!

With 2021 quickly wrapping up, and 2022 knocking on our door, we thought it would be exciting to see what our users have been doing with their MOD Devices. The open-ended quality of our patching system allows for an endless approach to personal sound creation and we want to see how MOD Devices’ inspire you.

From heavy multi-layered distortion for guitars to complex synth and CV networks, or something in-between…we know that some of the best ideas are already in use within our community, with valuable ideas for everyone.

Share with the MOD User community what you feel is your favorite pedalboard created by you and submit that pedalboard link, with a short explanation and audio or video clip to be featured on our platform. Submissions will be evaluated by the MOD Devices team and the most inspired creation will be featured, with info on the creator, and receive a 50€ credit in our Plugin Store.

The contest will be running from today, until December 19th. With the MOD Devices team evaluating the submissions and announcing the winner on December 28th.

Submit you pedalboard by answering on this thread. The post should include the following:

  • Pedalboard link;
  • Short explanation of the pedalboard and how you use it;
  • Audio clip (you can include it with the shared pedalboard in the Pedalboards Feed) and/or a video clip (it would be wonderful if you include a both :slight_smile: )

Find here the instructions on how to share a pedalboard.

We can’t wait to experience your imagination at work!


Very cool!

My imagination will have to do overtime…
because I’m still waiting on my Indiegogo (indiegogo) to arrive :smiley:

Good luck everybody!


Thank you :slight_smile:

Yeah…unfortunately it’s a pity that we didn’t manage to get this out with all the crowdfunding devices shipped. I guess that we would have way more pedalboards being submitted and a lot of interesting things to check…we would learn a lot in the end!

But yeah…more opportunities will eventually come :wink:

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No worries…I know you guys feel 10x worse about it then I do!
.I have an idea that is a little out-of-the-box but it doesn’t require me to actually have a MOD device… You might want to alter the competition rules if you see it but you asked to be creative :smiley:

I’m creating expectations here, Now I’ll have to deliver :wink:

Btw, next competition, do something with creating video’s with the dwarf; youtube doesn’t do the dwarf much justice YET :wink:


This is a really cool suggestion indeed. We are planning a few things :wink:


Hi All,
I’m finally taking this opportunity to share two of my favourites, so this is my humble submission to this contest:
#1 Play and Reverse

This one is best used for long atmospheric stuff. If you’ve got 8 minutes to waste, I’ve provided a link where you can listen to what I’ve done with it. It’s part of a work-in-progress track, which I hope to release and share with you within the next 100 years or so, when I’ve got time to finish it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

#2 Megadrone

This one I’ve used for an Intro with my stoner-rock-funk-metal-whateverI’mnotsogoodwithgenres band.
Can be a bit clitchy sometimes, but I love it.

#3 UFO
with this one I go against the rules, because it’s my Physical Pedalboard, which is a very rough DIY thing, my collegues called UFO. Used some wooden board lying around, cut out a handle and stuck some velcro on it. From left to right: 1.) The DUO - the brain and the heart 2.) My Crybaby, which I got for my 10th birthday and allways will stay with me… 3.) The FCB1010 (EurekaProm modded) which is for controlling the brain and the heart, so I guess it’s the nervesystem or something…

Looking foreward to seeing more submissions!


@roughael Those are great! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Since I don’t have my Dwarf yet and I can’t use and test the pedalboard software… I went creative. :smiley:

Although my board is LIT, I wonder why CPU and RAM are fippin’ maxing out! :smiley:
Happy holidays guys!


hahaha really good.
I’m saving it on the requests for improvements on the WebGUI: aka “wild arrangement/organization possibilities” :sweat_smile:

Thank you so much, enjoy your Christmas season as well :love_you_gesture: :christmas_tree:


This pedal board is for if you feel like jamming, but you are stuck at home with no friends. There are 3 main signal chains. Drums, synth and guitar. The drums and synth are played with a sequencer, and then the player can improvise on guitar


Nice job – and a great name! :slight_smile:


Hello All.
I will submit the following two boards for this contest.

The first is “Practical”.

It can be found at

This board is created with the following restrictions.
1: No paid plugins will be used.
2: Use only Mod Dwarf (no additional Midi switches, etc.)
3: Be as responsive as possible to any situation.

Nothing special, but as you can see in the description of this board link, this board consists of snapshots of reverb, clean, drive, and lead.

In other words, this board was made with the intention that anyone who gets their hands on Mod Dwarf can immediately use this board in a session or live performance.

… I wasn’t sure if I should publish this board or not since it’s not interesting enough on its own, but I will.
The second one is “Let’s be Vtuber”.

In easy to say, this board is a voice changer.
The goal is to convert a male voice into a female voice in a more natural way. (And vice versa, of course).

In order to change the voice in a more natural way, I need to change the formant, but I haven’t figured out how to do that with the Mod Device yet.

Also, this board is not yet optimized.

For these reasons, this board is still in the process of being created, but I thought I’d post it in the hope that it might inspire some.

Since Mod Dwarf has an audio 2in2out signal, I would eventually like to build a board that can convert voice and process instrument signals simultaneously and play a song with the converted voice.

Also, sorry, I was too shy to include my own converted voice, so I didn’t create any audio clips for the board. So, It’s may not be eligible for this contest.

I hope this contest will be even more exciting.
Thank you.

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This pedalboard tries to capture a very specific feeling. It’s a feeling which only a lucky handful of people will ever get to experience in their lifetime. It’s is the feeling of being surrounded by frogs.



my entry to the contest is not a pedalboard per se but a toolbox - or more of a starting point for one. I hope most of the stuff will be addressed by the new blocks feature.

I always liked the pedals which combine reverb and delay or have multiple reverbs. You can get set up very quickly with just a turn of a few knobs and switches. Like the A+ Everest or the WAMPLER
Ethereal. My goal is to have a TouchOSC interface on my iPad that can control multiple pedals at once.

I’ve also made a quick video of the dwarf and some sounds that got me going. The Song (which is longer) and the video were an afternoon project and are still kind of rough.



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I’m aware of it and remind myself yesterday.

Last week was a bit crazy and this one we are all kind of in holiday.
We have everything ready and the winner selected. If I have time I will still publish it today.

Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

Hey MOD Users! Sorry for the day of delay!

A big THANK YOU to all who submitted your brilliant and distinct Pedal Board contributions to our first MOD USER Pedal Board Contest. It was terrific to see such a positive response and the various unique approaches to the MOD System.

First off, we would like to recognize Sebastian aka “Spuknktsch” for the extra cool video he produced for his “ZUGSPITZER” Pedalboard toolbox that includes touch OSC. We were blown away by his extra effort in producing a video and will send him a coupon for 50 Euros for the pedalboard shop. Thank you for the inspiring work!

However, the MOD User who offered the winning Pedal Board this time around is “Rougheal”. We found his “MEGADRONE” creation to be exceptional for its imaginative use of the signal chain process and effects combinations. Classy stuff… The sound samples are wicked too! We hope these sounds make their way into your musical explorations and help you finish your work in progress. We cant wait to hear it…Congratulations on the great patching!

LieveDV also gets a shout-out for the hilarious X-Mas graphic using the MOD User Interface Graphics. It looks like your Dwarf ships very soon. Thank you for being such a good sport. We cant wait to see what your creative mind does once you get your unit…

We shall have a new contest each month with a different theme…

January 2022 is only a few days away so keep an eye out for the next contest announcement and have a Happy Healthy and Creative end to 2021!

Best wishes,
MOD Team


Thank you very much! I’m quite amazed! :star_struck: I didn’t think that I’d have any chance because there are so many amazing and complex pedadalboards around. Congrats to all other submissons, but I really would have liked to see more to cover more of the spectrum that Mod Devices offers.

I think the contest idea is interesting and I’m looking foreward to the next one! :wink:

Thanks to the Mod Devices Team for keeping up the good work!
I wish you all a happy and healthy 2022!