Pedal: Catalinbread DLS (Marshall Plexi Super Bass)

Hello everyone,
I’m new to this forum and neural modelling in general, which I just discovered recently. This is my first attempt at creating a model of my own gear for AIDA-X.

This is a model of my Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret pedal, which basically emulates the sound and character of a classic Marshall Plexi amp (set to “Super Bass” circuit in my case). I’ve chosen the lightest model for this one and have sampled 4 different degrees of the preamp knob (low,center,high,very high). No cab simulation of any kind included.

CB_DLS_Preamp_Low.json (15.7 KB)
CB_DLS_Preamp_Center.json (15.7 KB)
CB_DLS_Preamp_High.json (15.7 KB)
CB_DLS_Preamp_VeryHigh.json (15.7 KB)

Sorry for the high output volume, I couldn’t figure out, how to keep it lower by default. You probably have to turn output or input quite a bit lower in AIDA-X to avoid clipping or damaging your ears. The amp’s overdrive is quite responsive to different input volumes, even on low and very high. Tonestack EQ-knobs were in a neutral position when recording.

Probably sounds most authentic with a Celestion G12M Greenback IR.

Feedback would be very much appreciated. Thank you.



The AIDA-X team has released the AIDA-X Cloud:

Would you upload your models there? :pray: